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MEP Engineering

Engineering Designs that work.

Our engineering team brings robust experience, results-oriented designs and solutions, and a time-sensitive, client-focused approach to all our assignments.  With experience in multiple LEED projects and energy intensive markets, we look to propose and implement environmentally sound practices on all projects based upon historical evidence of practical, economical results.

Mixed Use & Retail Development

It is critical that these environments are flexible and expandable in order to accommodate the evolution of tenants over time.

Grocery & Retail Stores

We communicate and collaborate with our retail clients whether it be new construction or an existing facility.


Hospitality facilities present a unique and specific set of engineering challenges that enhance the look, feel, and function of the facility.

Office Building &
Corporate Interiors

Corporate facilities present a unique and specific set of Engineering challenges.

Industrial & Institutional

We recognize that each assignment and client has a unique nature and need.

Sustainable Design

Energy and resource efficient, eco- friendly designs are beneficial to the community and environment.

Energy Engineering

KMB Design Group uses our extensive utility, engineering, and construction experience to provide our clients with a unique assessment based on their needs.