Providing Enhanced Energy Services

KMB Design Group is a global leader in energy solution services. With extensive experience in the utility, engineering, and construction space, we are able to provide clients with high-level assessments based on both current and future needs.

The multidisciplinary team at KMB Design Group specializes in the development and implementation of client-specific energy supply strategies.

Learn more about the energy services we provide:

Analysis and Recommendations

By analyzing historical energy usage and rates, our engineering team is able to develop detailed surveys that include comprehensive recommendations reports and propose the best path forward.

Engineering Solutions

KMB Design Group offers engineering solutions for energy control systems, HVAC improvements, backup generation, lighting retrofits, combined heat and power generation, demand response, and more.

Renewable Energy

A recognized leader in PV Engineering, KMB Design Group supports clients through the process and offers support in utilizing available incentives to reduce costs.

Energy Modeling

Let our seasoned engineers develop an energy model based on your building’s actual energy use. KMB Design Group assists project teams in accurately evaluating and implementing the latest energy reduction strategies.

Construction and Project Management

Our construction and project management services can shorten construction cycles and reduce your overall cost, all while maintaining a high quality throughout the process.

Monitoring Services

Ongoing energy services are available to monitor and validate the benefits of engineered solutions.

MEP Projects

Implementing environmentally sound practices

No matter how complex or expansive your project is, our team of experts has the MEP engineering skills required to ensure a cost-effective design to meet your deployment goals.

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Steven M. Fox, Jr.

Partner, Senior VP of MEP Engineering

Office 732.280.5623

Our engineering team brings robust experience, results-oriented designs and solutions, and a time-sensitive, client-focused approach to all our assignments.  With experience in multiple LEED projects and energy intensive markets, we look to propose and implement environmentally sound practices on all projects based upon historical evidence of practical, economical results.

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