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Solar Engineering

A leading consulting firm providing photovoltaic design & engineering services.

KMB Design Group is at the forefront of the escalating solar industry, and is considered a leading consulting firm in the renewable energy field providing photovoltaic design and engineering services.  Licensed in 50 states, we have the ability to work nationally without limitations.

KMB has provided designs and engineering services for over 600 locations and 550MW for a wide range of solar installations from small scale (less than 10KW) to large scale (over 8MW) including:

  • Rooftop Installations – from small peak, roof-mount systems for municipal facilities to large ballasted rooftop systems for commercial and educational facilities.
  • Canopy Installations – Canopy-mount photovoltaic structures above wastewater tanks, parking lots, and rooftops.
  • Ground Mount Install – ground mounted photovoltaic systems for both utility scale installations and distributed generation.
  • Multi-Site Programs – various county and private work consisting of all installation types and sizes.