Providing Lighting Design Services

KMB Design Group provides fully integrated lighting design services to support a high level of performance, sustainability and value for commercial and industrial organizations nationwide.

Internal and External Corporate Lighting Design Engineering Services

KMB Design Group is a leading MEP consulting firm with a unique multidisciplinary approach. We provide traditional MEP/FP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection) services as well as sustainable engineering, utility analysis and lighting design. As a full service engineering solutions provider, we take a systematic approach to developing comprehensive engineering solutions for our clients to suit new-build or renovation goals. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, our team can design and facilitate the lighting design solutions to seamlessly meet your goals. 

Responsive Engineering. Proven Results

We are licensed in 50 states and have office locations in New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Orlando, as well as Europe, and Puerto Rico. This allows us the ability to serve our clients nationally and internationally. Our MEP engineering team prides themselves on being responsive and delivering reliable, efficient and customized solutions for organizations such as those in retail, education, hospitality, health care, residential, industrial, municipality and private sectors.  

Lighting Design Services

KMB provides comprehensive lighting design services for all stages of new-build or renovation projects from conception through site acquisition, engineering and construction. Our internal team of engineers collaborate with every client to ensure the highest quality lighting designs that will support the operational needs of the project including atmosphere, experience, performance, sustainability and code.  

Lighting services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Concept design
  • Daylighting design
  • Interior lighting and control system design
  • Integrated system control solutions
  • Emergency egress lighting system design
  • Exterior lighting and control system design
  • Existing lighting conditions analysis
  • Energy usage modeling, calculations and analysis
  • Lighting retrofit
  • Financial payback analysis
  • LEED credit documentation
  • Construction documents and performance specifications
  • Code analysis
  • Construction support services
  • Utility coordination
  • Preparation of specifications

 KMB Lighting Design Services

At KMB Design Group, our philosophy is to understand your project completely first and then to provide the appropriate solutions for your design. Our team has vast experience designing energy-efficient and sustainable Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Lighting systems customized to fit each unique project. 

From LEED and WELL to Energy Star and local jurisdiction guidelines, our team has the diverse experience and training to provide energy-efficient lighting solutions that adhere to certification requirements. No project scope is too small or too large in order to receive our full attention. When you need a trusted lighting design partner to apply your vision, our team is here to help.

Contact us to learn more about MEP engineering solutions or to request a proposal for your project. 

MEP Projects

Implementing environmentally sound practices

No matter how complex or expansive your project is, our team of experts has the MEP engineering skills required to ensure a cost-effective design to meet your deployment goals.

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Steven M. Fox, Jr.

Partner, Senior VP of MEP Engineering

Office 732.280.5623

Our engineering team brings robust experience, results-oriented designs and solutions, and a time-sensitive, client-focused approach to all our assignments.  With experience in multiple LEED projects and energy intensive markets, we look to propose and implement environmentally sound practices on all projects based upon historical evidence of practical, economical results.

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