Concept to Cultivation is a comprehensive service offering cannabis growers and new licensees from KMB Design Group, LLC and NGenX. Using the latest strategies in technical, financial, and project planning, we’re helping cannabis licensees design optimized infrastructures in a low cost and accelerated manner. Get the job done right, the first time around, by relying on our team of experts.

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Are you interested in launching a commercial grow? Are regulatory challenges and unexpected facility costs eating into your potential profits? We can help.

From cannabis cultivation, to professional engineering and facility design, Concept to Cultivation has the right experts on staff to guide your cannabis startup or additional facility with our full-service licensing, compliance, and business solutions.

From License & Location To Design Model

Starting with as little as a license and a location, the Launch Team can extrapolate your concept into a fully estimated facility design and capacity model demonstrating the impact to your projected profitability before planting a single plant.

Physical Layouts to Support Expected Output

The Launch Team will provide physical layout and work flow design to support your expected output. Through design iterations, heating (reheat), cooling and dehumidification systems are optimized for minimal energy consumption and facility conceptual throughput is maximized. Alternate energy solutions are evaluated and compared to deliver the lowest energy consumption profile possible for your design criteria.

Modeling Translated with Holistic Guidance

All model and facility design information is then translated to architectural designs with your selected Architect and MEP designer working with our Launch Team. This translation of data accelerates the design process and enables select customers to participate in project finance opportunities that can lower your required capital raise, preserve precious equity and maximize facility throughput and profitability.

With more than 40 years of combined energy and engineering expertise, we are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to get your grow operation off the ground. We bring a valuable skillset to clients, in an industry filled with complex legal requirements and restrictions on how businesses operate.

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