Electric Vehicle / EV Charging Stations

Licensed in 50 states, KMB has the ability to work nationally without limitations.

KMB Design Group provides reliable site-specific design and installation solutions for EV charging stations. Utilizing our extensive utility design and coordination experience along with our in house electrical, civil and structural engineering expertise we ensure that our clients plan and deploy EVC (Electric Vehicle Charging) stations from start to finish in the most cost effective way possible.

Why Install EV Charging Stations to Your Commercial Property

Whether your business operates a fleet of electric cars that you need to keep powered or you want to cater to your customers, EV charging stations are an impactful addition to your property. Businesses adding charging stations for electric cars to their parking lots send a clear signal to the community about their stance on sustainability, the environment and innovation.

Modern drivers are looking for a place to charge their electric vehicles. Installing EV charging stations at your facility provides convenience to your customers and employees. It is proven to attract new customers to your place of business as electric car drivers look to patronize like-minded companies.

Much like investing in solar electricity, installing electrical vehicle charging stations is also a great way to strengthen your brand image and reputation. Organizations who offer EV charging stations do more than provide a service for sustainably-minded consumers. EVC stations  demonstrate a brand’s commitment to lightening its impact on the environment. Both customers with electric cars, and those without, want to support businesses that demonstrate eco-friendly practices.

By adding this service as a perk for your customers and employees, organizations can gain a valuable commercial edge over the competition.

KMB Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Services

Establishing commercial electric vehicle charging stations, also known as EVC or EV charging stations, requires a wide range of location-specific steps. There are many EVC options available, with regulations varying by state and local jurisdiction. Navigating the technical and regulatory processes can be confusing and frustrating to those unfamiliar with the process. Consulting with KMB’s experienced EV charging station engineers will help ensure successful installation on time, to spec and within budget.

If you need sustainable transportation strategies, KMB makes it easy for you to add EV charging stations to your property or business. Our goal is to provide responsive engineering solutions for our clients. With a strong focus on collaboration and communication throughout the entire process, our clients receive end-to-end services that reduce costs, shorten project timelines and adhere to pertinent regulations and specifications.

Responsive Engineering. Proven Results.

KMB has designed commercial EV charging stations for sites across the country, including clients such as Tesla, EVgo and New York Mass Transit Authority. We have experience working with a wide range of complex job sites, including commercial buildings, government sites, schools, hospitals, retail, etc.

KMB has engineered and designed thousands of telecommunication towers and rooftop cell sites throughout the country. The similarity in the engineering requirements and fast-paced schedule for both of these project types aligns with EV engineering, allowing KMB to leverage our nationwide experience successfully.

As a full-service engineering firm, the KMB engineers deliver responsive solutions through the following services:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Utility Coordination
  • Construction Administration

Consult with one of our engineers about setting up EV charging stations on your property today.