Sustainable Design

Creating sustainable energy design benefits the community & environment.

Energy and resource efficient, sustainable energy design is beneficial to the community and environment, socially responsible and thus well received, and often the most economical and best operational choice for our clients.

The LEED Certification process keeps evolving and with the continuing developments to the social consciousness and depth of positive examples of implementing sustainable design practices now allows for a higher level of involvement of all parties in the design and construction process.  With that being said, KMB takes a prominent role in every project to maximize the benefits to the client.

LEED or not, KMB therefore incorporates numerous “green” elements in every project we do.  While we value the benefits to the community and environment this brings, the ultimate reason we do is because sustainable energy designs may be the best life cycle choices for our clients, learned from previous experiences.

The KMB engineering staff includes multiple LEED- accredited professionals who will either spearhead or actively participate in the LEED Charette process, and perform the LEED Administrator role including USGBC submissions, submittal reviews, and managing the online process.  They also can prepare an extensive MEP design narrative illustrating the systems involved and their operations and benefits.