Fire Protection Engineering Services | Commercial & Industrial

KMB Design Group develops comprehensive fire protection engineering strategies from inception to completion for commercial and industrial organizations nationwide.

Commercial and Industrial Fire Protection 

Fire protection engineering services are a critical component in any construction project. Attaining the highest level of safety requirements requires a carefully considered, comprehensive solution. As codes and standards continue to evolve, achieving code-compliant solutions is also critical to the success of fire protection engineering design. 

KMB Design Group has the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate national and local compliance requirements. Our fire protection engineering team effectively designs appropriate fire safety solutions, while maintaining the aesthetic requirements of the project.

Experts in Fire Protection Engineering 

KMB Design Group is a leading MEP consulting firm, offering a full array of fire protection engineering services for commercial and industrial building projects across the country. Since 2009, our responsive engineering team has delivered a wide range of fire safety engineering solutions tailored for each unique client’s needs.

Our experienced team provides reliable, efficient and customized solutions to all aspects of fire safety design in the construction sector, spanning a variety of industries, including corporate, industrial, educational, hospitality, government, grocery & retail. From inception through completion, our MEP engineers provide the cost-effective, cutting-edge approach our clients need to fulfill their fire protection engineering requirements. 

Our Fire Protection Engineering Services Include

KMB’s fire protection engineering services include, but are not limited to:

  •     Facility evaluation & due diligence investigations
  •     Fire safety system design, testing, upgrades and expansion
  •     Building code-compliant and performance-based design
  •     Fire risk assessment
  •     Smoke control system design, testing and commissioning
  •     Fire modeling and testing

Mitigate Risk with KMB Fire Protection Services: A Responsive Approach 

We understand that every building has its own unique challenges, which requires a comprehensive design from a whole-building perspective. Your fire protection system does not function alone and we ensure its integrated into the overall building design. KMB will coordinate your fire safety designs with the rest of your MEP engineering needs, to develop the most efficient solution for your structure.

Contact us to learn more about the appropriate fire safety engineering services available for your organization.