Solid experience in food service & hospitality engineering.

Hospitality facilities present a unique and specific set of engineering challenges for effectively minimizing the amount of energy required for cooking, water heating, refrigeration, space heating and cooling, and entertainment, as well as doing so via a method that is cost-effective and in a manner that enhances the look, feel, and function of the facility.

In a typical restaurant in the United States, cooking, water heating, refrigeration, and space cooling/heating represent almost 80 percent of the total use of utility.  In addition, the MEP systems must blend and work in concert with the restaurants décor and operations, with no negative impact on either customers or employees.  KMB has the vast experience necessary to provide energy-efficient restaurant systems engineering and design that will not compromise, but enhance the look, feel and function of your space.

We have solid experience in food service and hospitality engineering, including locations at Airports, Travel Plazas, University Dining Halls, Fitness Centers and Hotels.