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Jan 11th 2017

A Look Back at the Most Impactful Commercial Solar Moments of 2016

2016 was an impactful year for commercial solar. And trends continue to point toward the growth of clean energy. Because of this, 2017 is setting the stage to be the biggest year yet. Here’s a brief look at some of the top commercial solar stories from the past year that made the news. Record Year in Solar For solar energy, 2016 was a year to remember. A landmark moment occurred in February 2016, when the one millionth solar PV system […] Read More »

Jan 4th 2017

Keeping Up with Connectivity: Turnkey Telecom Design Solutions and More Building Trends for 2017

Businesses have recently experienced an era of rapid change within technology, data and connectivity. 2017 will be no exception. Looking at the year ahead, we can expect to see advances in turnkey telecom design solutions that will continue to evolve to meet consumer demands. Here are five trends to look out for in the next year (although by now, we all know to also expect the unexpected): 1. Turnkey Telecom Design and Deployment Stronger. Better. Faster. As future trends move […] Read More »

Dec 15th 2016

Benefits of Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems in Hospitality

For those in hospitality who operate hotels, restaurants and recreational properties, going green is simply the right thing to do. However, if you can go green and get a good return on your investment, it’s even better. Since water heating is the largest use for energy in the hospitality industry (it makes up nearly a third of total energy usage) virtually anyone can take advantage of commercial solar hot water systems. Why Choose Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems for Hospitality? […] Read More »

Dec 12th 2016

Making Solar Sleek: How Tesla Solar Panels Will Increase the Use of Renewable Energy Systems

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk formally submitted an offer to acquire SolarCity. Since then he has unveiled new renewable energy solutions and made a promise to “make solar sexy.” How? By creating a range of textured glass tiles that are nearly indistinguishable from conventional tiling, adding a more organic feel. Tesla + SolarCity future: solar roofs + batteries + electric cars — Tesla (@TeslaMotors) October 29, 2016 Irresistible Tesla Solar Panels Musk’s goal is to make every […] Read More »

Dec 1st 2016

Businesses Run on Sunshine- Addressing 4 On-Site Commercial Solar Installation Challenges

Over the past several years, property investors have seen substantial cost reductions in commercial solar engineering solutions. The ongoing developments in solar technology, coupled with this decrease in the overall cost associated with solar solutions has led to the growing predominance of commercial solar installation throughout the United States. And it’s not slowing down. The International Energy Agency reports that solar energy could become the largest global source of electricity by 2050. Here are a few important ways solar has evolved […] Read More »

Nov 30th 2016

Smart Operations: Improving Building Efficiencies through Energy Usage Analysis

As you are probably aware, the largest expense in a building’s total operational budget is energy costs. And to make matters worse, studies show that about 30 percent of that energy is used inefficiently. In light of these stats, businesses across America are searching for ways to smarten up their energy efficiencies. Where to start? One of the best ways to achieve a positive energy efficiency rating is through a strategic energy usage analysis. In addition, it will help in saving […] Read More »

Nov 21st 2016

How Long Do Solar Cells Last? And Other Common Solar Questions

Many businesses today are looking for ways to embrace the shift towards sustainability. In researching your options, understandably you may have a few questions such as “How long do solar cells last?” and “How big of a PV system will I need?” You’ve got questions? We’ve got your answers. Let’s take a look at the common questions businesses new to solar often ask. How Long Do Solar Cells Last? Because the PV module, which includes the enclosed panel of PV […] Read More »

Nov 14th 2016

5G and Network Densification

Thanks to the explosive growth of mobile communication and data consumption, wireless subscribers are using up more network resources than ever before. And they’re not slowing down. In fact, predictions show that 75% of Internet use will be mobile in 2017. So, in response to these increasing demands, operators are being tasked with adding more capacity through means such as network densification. What Is Network Densification? According to Commscope there are three main ways to add capacity to a network. […] Read More »

Nov 2nd 2016

PV Panel Recycling | Renewable Power Capacity Outstrips Coal | Top Corporate Solar Energy Installers

Get the latest on corporate solar energy news. Learn about all things under the sun across the country happening today. PV Panel Recycling The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) recently launched a national PV recycling program which is designed to ensure the sustainability of the US solar market. PV panels are mainly made up of easily recyclable materials such as aluminum and glass. Although they can last for decades, they can also be recovered and reused once they’re at the […] Read More »

Oct 31st 2016

Measure Green Building Performance: Pursuing A LEED Certification

Gathering data for greening the building industry just got a little easier. Earlier this month at the Greenbuild Expo in Los Angeles, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) introduced a new technology called arc. Arc is meant to serve as an online platform for projects such as those buildings already exceeding Platinum LEED certification levels to those not yet meeting basic green prerequisites. Arc Platform Compliments LEED Certification and Other Green Building Rating Systems […] Read More »