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Sep 20th 2017

Emergency Backup Power Solutions That Deliver

In the wake of recent natural disasters, standby emergency backup power solutions are becoming more important than ever for municipalities and businesses within. Already mandated in many locations for “mission-critical” necessities such as water and sewer facilities, other vital roles have recently captured the attention necessary for reliable power needs. From public safety communications to solar energy to information technologies, cities today cannot risk being left without power in the face of a potential disaster. Emergency Backup Power Solutions for […] Read More »

Sep 18th 2017

Hurricane Season Highlights Concerns for Reliable Public Safety Communications and Telecom Backup Solutions

Recent natural disasters, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, have highlighted rising concerns surrounding reliable public safety communications and aging 911 technologies. While communication networks have improved, the pace of progress for resilient connectivity throughout the nation has not kept up and is still a concern. A recent article published by CNN highlighted these concerns, “Like most 911 systems in the U.S., Houston’s is based on outdated telephone network technology.” Although it is said to be more advanced than many since […] Read More »

Sep 5th 2017

What Happens to Solar Energy Usage During A Power Outage?

In the event of a blackout, seemingly basic necessities, such as keeping the lights on, powering the cash register or even just charging a cell phone, become essential. Many business owners, however, don’t have the appropriate source of backup power when the grid goes down during a power outage. Even sustainable businesses that rely on solar energy usage for their day-to-day electricity needs may end up losing power if their system doesn’t include some form of solar energy storage. Can […] Read More »

Aug 29th 2017

Solar Energy Services In the News

KMB Design Group, a Solar Energy Services and Engineering Company, delivers all the latest news about solar. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and resources in the exciting and constantly evolving photovoltaic industry. Take a look at the renewable energy developments trending today. California’s solar energy grid survived the eclipse without incident Solar power provides 10 percent of California’s energy supply, which meant electric-grid operators had to be prepared for potentially disastrous effects during the recent solar eclipse. To […] Read More »

Aug 21st 2017

Does the Eclipse Affect Solar Power? KMB Consulting Firm in the Solar Energy Industry Has the Answer

With Monday’s total solar eclipse on the horizon, many are wondering if (and how) an eclipse will affect solar power. KMB, a top Consulting Firm in the Solar Energy Industry, has your answers about this phenomenon. When the moon passes in front of the sun during an eclipse, it will, indeed, test how well the country’s grid can handle an unprecedented interruption in solar-power production. As the first to cover the United States coast-to-coast in 99 years, operators are going […] Read More »

Aug 10th 2017

Public Safety Telecom Best Practices

Some of the most important goals of a public safety organization is to keep the community safe, prevent harm wherever possible and respond quickly to emergencies. But achieving these goals in a rapidly-changing environment can be complicated. With the advancements in high-speed data communications, such as streaming video and high-definition surveillance, reliable and secure public safety telecom accessibility has become a critical component to protecting public safety. To meet the needs of many in an effective, timely manner, public safety […] Read More »

Aug 3rd 2017

Finding Your Ideal Corporate Building Design and Engineering Consultants

When renting space to other business owners, it helps if you can offer the ideal floor layout and office space that corporate renters are looking for. With so many options out there, how do you know what building features are “ideal?” It starts by understanding the latest trends in corporate building design and the KMB MEP Engineering Consultants have the inside scoop. From open work spaces and sustainable building designs to superior IT infrastructure and backup power solutions, present-day business […] Read More »

Jul 31st 2017

Enhance Your In-Building Cellular Coverage through Reliable Telecommunications A&E Services

Today, ninety-five percent of Americans own a cellphone; and many of us feel we can’t leave home without it. In fact, according to Pew Research, out of that 95%, nine out of ten admit that they usually (or almost always) have their phones on them. What’s more, when Pew sectioned off their results by age group, they found that those between the ages of 30 and 49 were more likely to admit keeping their smart phone with them at all […] Read More »

Jul 25th 2017

Renewable Energy in Commercial Real Estate: Overcoming Common Barriers

With Google data centers and their offices right on track to be 100% powered by renewable energy by the end of 2017, corporations stand to be one of the most powerful advocates for clean energy throughout the United States. But, since not all businesses have the lucrative resources at their fingertips as Google does, property owners tend to face a number of barriers when pursing their efficiency goals, both financial and non-financial. As a resource to support building owners, the […] Read More »

Jul 18th 2017

Progressive Telecom Services for Educational Institutions

Today’s generation is more connected than ever. Whether via smart phone, tablet, or laptop and even by smart watch and smart home devices, we’re living in an on-demand world that relies on a constant connection where ever we go. It makes sense then, that industry leaders, like educational institutions, should set students and faculty up for success with all the connectivity solutions they need. The engineers at KMB understand how challenging it can be to balance budget with new technology, […] Read More »