December 23, 2019

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Options for Commercial Clients

Is your organization thinking about going solar and curious about your photovoltaic solar energy system options? For business operations, solar power is an investment that can provide a nice return, not only for the environment, but to your bottom line. Whether through a solar thermal hot water heating system that reduces operating costs or a custom designed rooftop photovoltaic solar energy system that shows your business’ commitment to the environment, going solar has many benefits.

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Commercial and industrial property owners can benefit from commercial solar panel installation. Find out more about the PV options for businesses including rooftop, ground-mount and carports. 

Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

Rooftop space often contributes nothing to a business’ operations. More and more companies are starting to capitalize on this unused space to generate revenue. Rooftop installations are the easiest (and most common) way to incorporate solar for commercial buildings. It’s not only an optimal location for PV installation, offering flexibility for optimal orienting and tilting, but it can also offer protection from the elements and transform current roof maintenance expenses into ones that pay for themselves through renewable energy investments. 

Ground-Mount Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

If you don’t have enough space on the roof, but you have plenty of land available, a ground-mount system can provide ample IRR. IRR, the Internal Rate of Return, not only incorporates the system’s future value but also factors in varying cash flows (both in and out). Custom designed PV systems can address any geographical and geological issues via pole mounted, ballasted and hybrid designs.

Solar Parking Canopy Systems

If your building can’t accommodate rooftop installation and you don’t have enough land for a ground-mount system, consider installing a carport PV system. A solar parking canopy system can transform your large asphalt lot into a year-round energy-generating, weather-protecting shelter for employees and customers. 

Solar carports are becoming more popular nationwide. It is an optimal choice for airports, retail, hospitals, stadiums, grocery stores, universities, and other organizations with large parking lots.

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Photovoltaic Solar Energy Solutions for Businesses with KMB

Not sure if photovoltaic solar energy is right for your organization? Finding the right PV solutions for your energy needs can be a challenge. KMB Design Group designs and installs PV systems for a range of commercial applications. We support organizations looking to reduce energy costs and are available to help you navigate your options.

KMB Design Group is one of the leading photovoltaic engineering and design companies in the United States. We offer in-depth experience with comprehensive photovoltaic engineering solutions, including solar parking canopy installations, rooftop installations, ground mount installations, and multi-site programs for a wide variety of industries. From initial site investigations and due diligence to structural viability analyses and photovoltaic design, our engineering and construction team is qualified to support our clients with a variety of PV service offerings. 

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For more information on how KMB, a PV engineering firm, can help you with your next PV project, please contact us today. We look forward to working together in the future. 

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