February 26, 2020

Green Building Design Goes Beyond the Environment

Sustainable architecture is very important for the environment, but the benefits extend beyond energy efficiency and cost savings. Green building design has gained traction over the past few decades, gradually expanding from a focus on reducing waste and saving water to a more holistic approach that highlights how buildings can directly affect occupants. 

According to the World Green Building Council, “Workers in green, well-ventilated offices record a 101 percent increase in cognitive scores (brain function).” Not only that, but research also suggests that better indoor air quality (low concentrations of CO2 and pollutants and high ventilation rates) can lead to improvements in the performance of up to eight percent.  

The USGBC (United States Green Building Council) states that LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and green building design can also lead to faster leasing rates, higher resale values and reduced energy usage. Going beyond the environment, these benefits can help to boost your brand and establish your organization as a leader in green building design. 

Leading the Way in Green Building Design: Top 10 States for LEED According to U.S. Green Building Council 

In an effort to recognize leaders committed to more sustainable and resilient buildings, cities and communities, the USGBC reveals the top 10 states for LEED green building every year. The list, which ranks states based on the number of LEED-certified square feet per person, draws attention to U.S. states that are making significant strides in sustainable and green building design, construction and transformation at the building level.

LEED is one of the most widely used green building rating systems in the world. According to LEED, “Green building is the practice of designing, constructing and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity, use fewer resources, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, and decrease life-cycle costs.” 

For the first time in eight years, Colorado topped the 2019 list, followed by Illinois, New York and Massachusetts. 

Here are some of the greenest states in America, according to the USGBC:

  1. Colorado
  2. Illinois
  3. New York
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Hawaii
  6. Maryland
  7. Virginia
  8. Minnesota
  9. Oregon
  10. California


Implementing Green Building Design for a Sustainable Future

With demands for green buildings expected to continue to grow  across the nation, it is important to work with skilled professionals to implement the right designs and set projects on a successful path to LEED certification. Whether you’re implementing new construction or sustainable renovations, KMB Design Group can help.

Contact KMB to find out more about sustainable, green building designs for your next project.

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