January 6, 2020

Reliability of a Commercial Photovoltaic Solar System

Investing in a commercial photovoltaic solar system makes great business sense for many organizations. PV helps many businesses improve operational efficiency, thereby lowering monthly utility expenses and banking solar power for future use. 

Learn whether solar makes sense for your organization.  Is solar power reliable enough to justify a major business investment? 

Whether you’re considering installing a commercial photovoltaic solar system soon or in the distant future, we understand you have questions. Here is a closer look at the reliability of solar power for businesses (even in the winter) and its ability to be your primary source of energy.

Does Solar PV Make Sense for My Business? 

Commercial photovoltaic solar systems are proven, dependable sources of energy for a wide range of commercial applications, such as large office buildings, retailers, governmental agencies, hospitals, airports and many more. Some of the largest organizations in the world power their buildings and data centers through solar PV energy, but commercial solar is not limited to big companies. Installing a solar system can be a smart capital investment for any sized business.

From reducing operating costs to going green, the advantages of solar begin immediately. Some of the benefits of commercial solar systems include: 

  1. Lower utility costs
  2. Banked energy
  3. Green reputation among consumers
  4. Tax benefits
  5. Control over future expenses
  6. Mitigate future price volatility
  7. Accelerated depreciation


Here is a more in-depth look at a few of the advantages that commercial solar energy can provide, “Why Should Your Business Choose Solar Power?

Will a Photovoltaic Solar System Work on a Cloudy or Snowy Day?

Not sure if solar PV will work for your location? The two biggest factors to consider when it comes to reliability are 1) the amount of available sunlight and 2) the amount of open space to install the system.

According to a study by the Energy Department, the reliability and lifespan of solar panels is excellent. The only time a solar system stops generating electricity is when the sun is not out (night or during an eclipse). Photovoltaic solar systems still generate electricity during cloudy, snowy or rainy days. The amount of energy collected won’t match the level harnessed on a sunny day, but can still produce somewhere between 10-25% of their typical output. In fact, some of America’s cloudiest cities (Seattle and Portland) are leaders in terms of solar PV capacity.  

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Solutions for Businesses with KMB

KMB Design Group, one of the leading photovoltaic engineering and design companies in the United States, assists organizations in making informed decisions about installing a photovoltaic solar system and maximizing the power output potential. Our solar engineers are at the forefront of the escalating solar industry. We listen to your goals and objectives, providing you with the best solar solution for your project. 

We can provide a quick assessment by looking at at your property and analyzing your electrical bills. We’ll discuss recommended PV system installation, size, budget, timeline, and let you know how much energy can be drawn with considerations such as location, obstructions and orientations. 

Contact us to determine how your organization can save with a photovoltaic solar system. 

For more information on how KMB can help you with your next solar system project, please contact us today. We look forward to working together in the future.

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