January 15, 2020

The Race for Speed Among 5G Technology Companies

The race is on for 5G technology companies. Major carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T have already begun rolling out 5G service in select cities within the United States. That makes it official: the next generation of ultra-fast wireless technology—5G—has arrived. 


For most of the country, 5G is still a few months away. 5G technology companies and regulators are frantically working to get everything in place for nationwide 5G coverage by the first half of 2020. 

Although 5G technology is still a work in progress, analysts expect it to enhance business operations dramatically. Businesses around the country have been gameplanning for ways to implement 5G tech once it becomes available in their location. 

Motivations for 5G Technology Companies

One of the major motivations pushing 5G technology companies to win the race to 5G is the fact that these faster networks will be able to create new economic opportunities. 5G promises faster speeds and reliability, unlocking a new world of innovative capabilities, improving operations and enhancing communications. Whether it’s a university, airport or hospital seeking a faster, more reliable internet solutions, 5G promises to deliver.

But 5G technology capabilities don’t stop there. 

5G networks will make businesses’ pre-existing operations better and faster. More importantly, they will drive innovative applications that businesses haven’t even thought of yet. Unlike in previous generation networks (such as 4G), 5G will open up an entirely new ecosystem of smart business opportunities in a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing and more. From high resolution video and virtual reality to remote medicine and self-driving cars, the possibilities are endless. 

It could take years before we realize the full potential that 5G could bring.

From efficiency in operations and productivity, to accelerated business growth and unveiling emerging industries, 5G technology is opening the door to the future.

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What 5G Technology Companies Are Leading the Race?

According to PCmag.com’s “Race to 5G” counter which combines speed, devices, and coverage, T-Mobile sits in the lead as of January 2020 because of their massive coverage. Verizon comes in second place due to their speed; AT&T and Sprint bring up the rear currently.

Start Planning for 5G 

In order to reap the benefits of 5G, businesses in all industries must be prepared. This includes strategic planning, as well as budgeting for the investment of 5G-ready equipment. Most organizations will need infrastructure improvements, such as adding new small cell antennas onto established cell towers, utility poles, or buildings. Working with 5G engineers will help position companies for future opportunities to utilize automation and artificial intelligence, while creating a 5G strategy that supports business goals.

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