January 13, 2020

Benefits of Commercial Energy Consumption Analysis

With energy costs on the rise, building owners must find innovative solutions to offset increasing utility bills. Energy usage is one of the highest recurring business expenses. Many organizations are unaware of hidden energy culprits and feel stuck when it comes to making reductions. Conducting an energy consumption analysis can enable commercial and industrial business owners to tap into incremental energy saving solutions and increase profits.  

What is an Energy Consumption Analysis?

A commercial building energy consumption analysis evaluates the amount of energy savings that a company could realize by implementing energy efficient practices. An energy consumption analysis is an effective tool for evaluating current efficiency programs and formulating new program design plans. 

Analyses of energy usage patterns are critical to understanding how and where energy is being consumed. These findings are key to lowering energy consumption and reducing energy costs. How can an energy consumption analysis impact your organization? Take a look at the many benefits.

Why Conduct an Energy Consumption Analysis: 3 Benefits for Commercial Buildings


1. Energy Savings

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a commercial energy consumption analysis lies in its potential to protect your bottom line. By analyzing a building’s energy from the inside out, using the latest technologies and innovative solutions, a comprehensive energy analysis can significantly reduce utility bills.

2. Operational Improvements

In addition to reducing energy expenses and protecting against rising energy costs, an energy consumption analysis can also result in operational benefits. Through building system upgrades, organizations can experience: 

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved equipment reliability and longevity
  • Reduced downtime due to equipment malfunctions
  • Self-regulation of the building’s smart systems, providing future savings

3. Brand Values

Beyond monetary savings and operational improvements, “green” buildings with energy efficient practices can help to improve brand recognition and customer/employee loyalty. The intangible benefits of a sustainable business image can also improve indoor air quality, ultimately improving building occupant comfort levels and productivity.

Experience the Benefits of an Energy Consumption Analysis with KMB Energy Engineering Firm

It’s important to note that an energy consumption analysis is only the first step on the path to improving your building’s energy usage. Recommendations derived from an energy consumption analysis must be followed precisely to achieve specified efficiency benchmarks. Regardless of the size of the building, working with a qualified energy consumption analysis company is essential. 

KMB is one of the top Energy Engineering firms in the United States, with extensive experience in all phases of a building’s life cycle. From initial energy consumption analysis through design, construction, and operations, we’ll help you create an energy efficient building. Our comprehensive services include MEP engineering, sustainable building design, energy engineering as well as LEED consulting for a wide spectrum of industries such as mixed use and retail, grocery, hospitality, corporate, industrial and institutional organizations. 

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For more information on how KMB can help you with your next project, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you. 

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