February 27, 2019

Engineering Services for 5G Technology

The race for 5G wireless tech is on and it’s set to transform the way enterprises look at connectivity and utilize data worldwide. This exciting transformation of the next generation of mobile broadband comes with new requirements that potentially pose a challenge for existing networks. 5G promises to boost bandwidth, capacity and reliability of cellular broadband. The impact on network architecture will require diversified engineering services for 5G technology adaptation.

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5G Technology Advancements

The reliability of 5G technologies will unlock new capabilities, such as remote medicine and a thriving ecosystem of smart cities that require a constant connection. Make no mistake, 5G will have a significant impact for a wide range of industries.

Let’s take a look at a couple recent newsworthy developments.

5G Should Be In Full Bloom For Big Sports Events In 2020, Study Says

A new survey found that by 2020, close to two-thirds of top telecom network operators around the world intend to use augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance viewer experiences of sporting events at stadiums. “The Tokyo Olympics will be a big reason why. Still, the main catalyst for such upgrades is the rolling effect of 5G technology, which if it works as envisioned by some, should cause an explosion of new ways to use digital technology.”

U.S. Has Early Lead in 5G Tech

Apparently Americans have an early lead when it comes to 5G technology, according to a new report by Cisco. They estimate that by 2022, fifth-generation cellular networks will power as much as 9% of mobile data connections across North America, compared with 4% in Asia. “A head start in 5G penetration could be critical for determining which countries get to shape — and benefit from — innovations in apps, services and other economic fruits of the technology, according to policy analysts.”

Preparing for 5G Technology

Although the anticipation of 5G technology has “been around the corner” for years, the reality is finally here. Enterprises must be prepared to optimize for 5G by auditing where their network currently is, determining next steps, establishing development goals (short term and long term) and partnering with an experienced telecom engineering company like KMB Design Group.

Becoming a category first-mover in 5G capabilities will likely pose significant advantages for businesses:

  • Acquiring new and maintaining existing customers
  • Opening potential partnership opportunities
  • Enhancing a brand reputation for innovation and quality

Businesses need to start preparing for 5G now if they don’t want to be left behind.

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Responsive Engineering Services for 5G Technology

As a leading telecom firm, KMB Design Group provides responsive engineering services for 5G technology advancements that deliver proven results. With decades of experience in telecom engineering, our team is knowledgeable and equipped to help transform commercial networking ecosystems for 5G applications.

We’re ready to unlock the true potential of 5G – are you?

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