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Feb 16th 2019

5G Benefits for Businesses

With the introduction of the super-fast fifth generation network coming this year, businesses will soon be presented with a mountain of 5G benefits they never knew possible. Beyond improving the end-user experiences, 5G will present unique business opportunities for brands worldwide.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that 5G is about to unleash. It’s going to be a game-changer for businesses and organizations world wide.

5G: A Recap

Before we dive in, let’s run a brief recap. It’s no secret that the migration of 5G (fifth-generation) technology is going to deliver superfast gigabit speeds, ultra-low latency, higher capacity per sector and large numbers of connections.

But it’s not just about speed…5G is said to deliver the most enriching user experience from end to end.

5G Benefits for Businesses

5G presents a multitude of benefits, here are the top three.

  • Superfast Gigabit Speeds – 5G will be much faster than 5G and other generation networks. Some predict it will be as much as 100 times faster than current networks. Potentially offering speeds as fast as 10Gb/s could mean the ability to download a full HD video in less 10 seconds (compared to 10 minutes on 4G).

For businesses, faster speeds equals more productivity and efficiency, in turn, reducing overhead costs and boosting revenue.

  • Ultra Low Latency – With much less delay or lag time when using devices, 5G brings much lower latency than 4G networks. Currently, 4G latency is around 40-50 milliseconds. 5G could drop that to 1 millisecond or less – nearly undetectable to the user.

This fast, reliable connection could make remote meetings seem as if everyone is in the same room without the awkward delays.

  • Higher Capacity – 5G networks will be set to better cope with many high-demand applications all at the same time creating the ultimate personalized experience. Simultaneous connections such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices, VR and HD video streaming will present unique benefits that allow more enticing and dynamic services for consumers.

For example, in a manufacturing application, smart factories will be set to deliver products faster and more efficiently than ever before through automation.

KMB Telecom Engineering Firm

Whether for conference facilities, airports, hotels and large commercial office buildings, any new telecom project should ensure all systems are 5G compatible so the transition can be as seamless as possible. As a leading telecom engineering firm, KMB Design Group helps business nationwide ensure a cost-effective design that meets all deployment goals.

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