In-Building DAS Systems

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, reliable wireless coverage has become less of a luxury for customers and more of an expectation. These expectations and demands do not change regardless of your location and therefore wireless networks need to address coverage capacity and latency.  This gets even more complicated when you have tens of thousands of customers together at an entertainment venue like Yankee Stadium.  KMB has completed a variety of in-building DAS projects covering stadiums, casinos, educational facility, hotels, conference centers, office complex’s and airports.  Each venue has its own challenges, but with a full suite of in-house engineering disciplines, KMB has the professional experience and expertise to overcome them.

The Yankee Stadium DAS Hotel was a project that consisted of installing an interior DAS head end room with an integrated 125kW gas back-up generator in the basement of an adjacent 6 story building to service the stadium’s DAS system.  A project of this nature has unique mechanical and gas plumbing challenges for ventilation and exhaust to enable the placement of a generator of this size within the basement of an existing building.  Additionally, the subject building was located in a Landmark Preservation Historic District, therefore the design had to meet certain aesthetic requirements and limited parameters for ventilation and exhaust.

The interior basement constraints resulted in the complex design and routing of mechanical piping and ductwork.  KMB was able to overcome these constraints and successfully coordinated a design solution with the client, building owner and general contractor for the associated air intake, supply fans, ductwork, and engine exhaust systems.

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