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Telecommunication Towers Structural Analysis

telecommunication towers structural analysis KMB Design Group boasts a professional telecommunications team who has a wide range of engineering capabilities and disciplines. Since 2008, our professional staff has represented corporate property owners, private landowners and public safety sectors in conducting telecommunication towers structural analysis nationwide.

KMB Structural Analysis Process

As a full-service engineering firm, our in-depth knowledge of tower design, construction and foundation reinforcement enables us to provide the most comprehensive and efficient structural assessment of a structure to determine necessary modifications.

Starting with a baseline structural analysis of the tower, KMB pulls the necessary information to determine tower performance and allocate cost-saving opportunities. This gives us a greater understanding of the tower’s current structural state, as well as its ongoing potential.

Equipped with industry-leading technologies, such as drone tower inspections and state-of-the-art software programs, the in-house structural analysis experts at KMB have the tools to deliver thorough analysis reports. KMB can capture the behavior and response of a telecommunication tower, determining whether an existing tower is overstressed or is able to safely accommodate additional antennas. This enables accurate recommendations for how and where to add future antennas to a telecom tower.

Telecommunication Towers Structural Analysis Report

Structural analysis reports show astructure’s dimensions, pipe mounts’ size and location, details of tower connections, type of antennas and mount loading. They also take into consideration the tower’s location and local climate conditions.

KMB’s comprehensive report includes:

  • Summary of structural analysis findings
  • Analysis of tower loading conditions
  • Existing tower stress concerns
  • Steel structure model
  • Future tower recommendations

Questions About Structural Analysis?

The Telecommunications Industry Association’s Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas (TIA-222-G) requires that a communication structure be analyzed prior to any modification to the equipment mounted on the structure. These standards are constantly evolving, so consulting with expert telecom structural analysts that are fully up-to-date on all regulations is imperative. Does your tower meet the current structural standards?

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