March 14, 2018

Staying Up to Speed with Insight from Top Telecom Engineering Companies

The 5G New Radio (NR) standard has arrived. In the midst of NR trials and testing, the advent of 5G standards have marked a new turning point in how future networks are going to be prototyped. Businesses have to stay up to speed, which is why top telecom engineering companies must offer ultra-reliable and low-latency wireless network solutions.

Insight from Top Telecom Engineering Companies

5G is coming. And it will be fast.

5G, short for “fifth generation,” is expected to introduce many improvements and a suite of new technologies. But, this does raise an important question: how does 5G impact the testing and measurement landscape? Here are the trends top telecom engineering companies can expect:

Flexible and efficient test sets allow top telecom engineering companies to quickly develop test programs for 5G standards.

Bigger data rates paired with wideband signals and lower latency demand, unique prototyping and channel measurements. Traditionally relying on hardware-focused benchtop instruments, tests and measurements are now taking a more software-centric approach for flexible and efficient test sets to accommodate highly-complex 5G system designs. This allows for top telecom engineering companies to quickly develop test programs for 5G standards.

System-level approach enables top telecom engineering companies to manage complex architectures.

Critical in managing complex antenna architectures and multi-channel 5G system designs, a system-level approach enables top telecom engineering companies to test and measure different parts of the workflow. Considering this is a time where 5G technologies are at their developing stage and standards are constantly evolving, this combination of instrument, software, and services can help.

Adopting OTA (over-the-air) test methodologies set a new a standard for top telecom engineering companies.

Over-the-air (OTA) test methodologies have set a new standard for testing 5G technologies. Now replacing device-under-test (DUT) via cable, OTA testing is critical for accurately measuring 5G antenna arrays, wireless chipsets, and transceivers.

KMB: A Top Telecom Engineering Company

What does all of this mean to business? Whether educational, hospitality, or commercial, the advent of 5G can (and will) have an impact.

In addition to 5G delivering impressive speed improvements, it also calls for extremely low latency (the amount of time needed for data to be stored or retrieved) and high-frequency. However, instead of of connectivity coming form tall cellular towers, 5G transmitters will be positioned closer to the ground – requiring additional ground coverage hardware for a reliable signal. Because of the high frequencies which have correspondingly low wavelengths, they may have difficulty penetrating solid objects like building walls, windows, and even trees.

For that reason, top telecom engineering companies like KMB are helping businesses stay up to speed on their wireless telecommunication needs to ensure fast, reliable connectivity. 

As a full-service telecom engineering consulting services provider licensed in the United States and Europe, we take a systematic approach to develop comprehensive engineering solutions that ensure the most economically sound alternatives are presented for each client. Whether you need full turnkey deployment, A&E services, or DAS & In-Building systems, we are your trusted partners for delivering desired results.

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