February 7, 2018

Telecom Services NJ: 7 Tech Trends that Could Impact Business Connectivity

As technology continues to improve, businesses will have to adapt to trends in consumer behavior. From 5G wireless technology and smart cities to remote employees and virtual reality, advanced connectivity will become even more important than ever before. KMB Telecom Services NJ has put together some of the top tech trends to keep an eye on this year that could have a huge impact on your business.

Businesses that are attentive to the trends will be better able to implement the tools and strategies for improved customer satisfaction. According to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), we can expect to see the following seven trends which all will have a direct impact on connectivity.

Technologies That May Impact Your Business

1. 5G Wireless Technology

5G wireless technology will require faster wireless speeds, higher capacities and lower latency, all of which will mean fewer delays for users as well as Public Safety Telecom.

Just how fast is 5G expected to be? Take a two-hour movie download for example. On a 3G network, it could take over 25 hours. On a 4G network, it would be decreased to about six minutes. But on a 5G network, the download speed would be reduced to less than 4 seconds.

2. Artificial Intelligence

With so many technical advances on the horizon, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses are quickly recognizing the tangible benefits including cost savings, increased productivity and increased revenue.

With the lure of more informed business decisions, expansion of delivery of services, faster resolutions for business problems and automation of processes and tasks, comes the need for more reliable telecom services and connectivity.

3. Robotics

From stocking shelves, mixing cocktails, pruning trees, robotics are now being adopted by businesses everywhere. Previously exclusive to heavy industry, robots are now commonplace in many other sectors waking up to the benefits that automation brings.

But as robotics continue transform companies from NJ to Nagasaki, wireless telecommunication infrastructures must also be taken into consideration.

4. Voice Assist

Alexa, Echo, Siri and Google Home…the list goes on. As voice assist and smart speaker technology becomes a larger part of a brand’s identity, it won’t just be consumers who are leaning on this sales channel more in the coming years.

This intelligent voice recognition will enable businesses to perform certain tasks more efficiently and connect multiple devices. Thus, requiring reliable, property-wide connectivity.

5. Facial Recognition

Smart devices are recognizing and capturing our preferences, pretty much anytime, anywhere. Not only used as a matter of convenience to do things like unlocking doors, but also used for personal medical data.

6. Virtual Reality

While VR isn’t exactly a new trend, it’s use cases are expanding every year making for more immersive brand awareness experiences and evolving into the B2B sector as well. Whether used at trade shows or to enhance information delivery for analysts, as existing technology evolves, telecom services will need to evolve right alongside.

7. Smart Cities

Smart cities connect society and technology. Whether bolstering public safety or analyzing environmental and energy usage, smart cities are offering faster, more reliable information resulting in competitive economic advantages.

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