October 9, 2018

Is a Solar Parking Canopy Right For Your Organization?

A solar parking canopy provides shade for cars and generates clean, sustainable energy. But does this dual purpose PV installation make sense for your organization?

Solar Parking Canopy: Does It Make Sense?

The benefits of going solar are greater than ever and organizations ready to benefit both financially and environmentally are looking for ways to share in the savings. Below we’ll uncover the benefits of installing a solar parking canopy and help you decide whether a PV canopy is right for you.

What is a Solar Parking Canopy?

A solar parking canopy is a double-duty elevated structure located in paved area, that not only provides shade for cars, but also hosts solar panels. As an alternative to rooftop solar, solar parking canopies are installed above parking lots, yet considered ground-mounted solar. The difference between a typical ground mount installation is that a parking canopy is taller to accommodate space for a car to park beneath.

What are the Benefits of a Solar Parking Canopy?

The usage of solar parking canopies has grown in popularity across the US as organizations embrace the benefits of renewable energy. Solar parking canopies allow companies to rely less on the power grid and lower their energy costs. Benefits include:

Offers Weather Protection

Providing protection from the sun, snow or rain, parking canopies keep employees and customers happy, drier and cooler. Walks to and from vehicles in inclement or extreme weather days become more bearable.

Cool and fuel-efficient, the protections also extend to the atmosphere. Consider that a cooler vehicle doesn’t have to work as hard as when the A/C is on full blast. A covered vehicle therefore uses less energy and pushes out less harmful emissions into the environment.

Show your commitment to sustainability- it’s a powerful motivator for consumers.

Maximize Space

Availability of land space continues to be an issue for many organizations who want to invest in solar. For companies that want to go solar, but lack room, a solar parking canopy makes good sense. In fact, a previous study by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that only 26 percent of small buildings have rooftop areas suitable for a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system.

Organizations with their own parking lots can take advantage of this existing space to create a solar energy PV system, without cannibalizing green space. No matter the size of your building, a solar parking canopy also allows real estate owners to customize installation for optimal solar production.

Maximize your available space without compromising functionality.

Significant Savings

With unpredictable electricity costs, a solar parking canopy can hedge against utility rate increases and keep energy bills more predictable. By stabilizing a business’ cash flow, it can also present an opportunity to invest in energy savings.

While initial costs can be a concern for some, solar incentives can help. The solar tax credit allows a federal tax deduction of 30 percent of the amount you spend on installing a qualified solar energy system or solar water heater. This includes solar carports.

Who Should Invest In a Solar Parking Canopy?

As an increasingly popular way for organizations to take advantage of solar power and utilize open space, a solar parking canopy is an optimal choice for:

  • Airports
  • Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery stores
  • Universities
  • Commuter parking areas
  • Other buildings that have large parking lots

KMB Solar Parking Canopy Solutions

Not sure if a solar parking canopy is right for your organization? Or maybe you still have questions?

As a leading commercial solar company in the U.S., KMB Design Group is committed to providing quality photovoltaic design and custom engineering services for businesses, public entities and building owners. We offer a complete range of solar services including: conceptual design and feasibility, energy usage and production analysis, RFP preparation, project management, permitting & applications, commissioning support and much more.

KMB is a full-service solar engineering company; our engineering and construction team have in-depth experience with comprehensive photovoltaic engineering solutions including solar parking canopy installations, rooftop installations, ground mount installations, and multi-site programs for a wide variety of industries.

Contact the commercial solar engineers at KMB Design Group at 888-942-9401 to learn more.

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