May 30, 2018

Small Cell Telecom Key Enabler for 5G

Much of what we envision for the future – from virtual reality experiences to autonomous vehicles – will require much faster, more reliable and more universal internet service. The future of this rapid technological change may not be as distant as some think and will require small cell telecom adaptations.

Small Cell Telecom In Response to 5G

The jump from 4G technology is going to be fast. With so much buzz surrounding the roll-out of mobile 5G (fifth-generation) wireless technology we can expect speeds as much as 10-100 times faster as well as greater capacity and reliability. But to deploy that advanced technology, a lot of small antennae, referred to as small cell telecom, must be used.

Small cell telecom infrastructure, which is designed to generate less power at faster speeds and lower latency, collects and transmits signals in a short range, requiring collocating cells on other infrastructures. That, in addition to the need for ubiquity, is going to require regulatory streamlining.

Small Cell Regulations

Whether attached to buildings, perched atop lampposts, utility poles or traffic signals, small cell telecom deployment will be key to providing coverage and capacity in support of network growth. But, communities must be prepared to face federal, state and local permits, cell sitting application timelines and fees as well as reviews and appeals. For example, the Federal Communication Commission voted in March 2018 to exempt telecom companies from federal historical and environmental reviews for siting 5G small cells.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, “Twenty state legislatures—Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida,Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Mexico,  Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington—have enacted small cell legislation that streamlines regulations to facilitate the deployment of 5G small cells. Additionally Missouri passed legislation and is awaiting the governor’s signature.”

Small Cell Telecom Project Management

As technology and telecom continues to change at a rapid pace, it’s crucial to work with a telecom engineering provider who has the experience to design cost-effective solutions while adhering to regulations. As a full-service telecom engineering consulting services provider licensed in the United States and Europe, KMB takes a systematic approach from start to finish. We have provided consultation on over 14,000 small cell projects in 47 states and are prepared to mobilize to any site location within 24-72 hours’ notice for field surveys.

Our Mission Statement

 We are committed to achieving the mutual success of our clients, vendors, and staff through engineering excellence, responsiveness, and organized systems.

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