April 5, 2019

OSP Engineers Offer Insights on 5G’s Impact on Businesses

Does your business have a plan in place for the 5G network transformation? While every business has different goals, understanding the needs of the end user is an important factor in building a successful business strategy for 5G. In this post, our telecom and OSP engineers have the insight on how 5G will impact businesses—and how to support the much anticipated rollout.

How Can OSP Engineers Help Businesses Leverage 5G Promises

Outside Plant Engineers, or OSP engineers hold the primary responsibility for network design, including 5G. Over the past few years, OSP engineers have been dedicated to manage major projects and initiatives in preparation of fifth-generation networking needs for corporations across the United States.

They hype about 5G is real. Consumers will be expecting much more from 5G technology.

According to research, “5G technology will have the same economic impact as some of the biggest innovations mankind has witnessed in recent history such as electricity, the steam engine, and the internet due to its status as a ‘general purpose technology’. It’s expected that 5G will be used to enhance everything from mobile broadband to the Internet of Things (IoT).”

From ultra-high speed, reliability and strong performance, businesses have a narrow window of opportunity to deliver a better experience and improve ROI, before they are considered ‘behind’. To support effective 5G rollouts and networking requirements, businesses need to consult with a top team of telecom and OSP engineers. Responsible for designing and managing the installation of telecom equipment and facilities, OSP engineers are positioned to support this massive rollout and set realistic strategies.

How Will the 5G Network Impact Businesses?

Are you prepared for how 5G will affect your organization?

To help you get ready for the launch, our professional OSP engineers at KMB have identified several ways that the 5G network may directly impact commercial clients.

  • Fixed Wireless- Businesses will no longer be restricted by cabling to stay connected to the internet.
  • Smart Devices- Machine learning technology will be used for everything from security systems, HVAC programming, audio visual equipment for conference rooms and much more.
  • Efficiencies- 5G will allow employees to work from anywhere and collaborate with faster speeds and powerful capabilities.
  • Real-Time– With 5G, real time, on-demand experiences become a reality. From ecommerce and retail shopping to entertainment, these immersive capabilities will become the new normal.
  • Connected Healthcare– Connected devices will enhance the ability to monitor patients and strengthen communication among patients and doctors. From advanced wearables that monitor key health statistics to advanced interactions that allow for remote procedures, 5G will revolutionize the way healthcare is accessed everywhere.
  • Improved Safety– 5G will not only aid in the reliability of emergency response and disaster recovery efforts, but also through strategic traffic design and the future of autonomous transportation, increase safety and accident prevention efforts as well.

Supporting 5G Rollouts with Responsive OSP Engineering Solutions

Businesses who are prepared and ready for the 5G rollout will be positioned to grow more quickly than their competition. The experienced OSP engineers at KMB can help businesses determine the right responsive engineering solutions to support a wide variety of applications.

From small cell technology to engineering design element considerations and OSP strategies, KMB Design Group provides the 5G telecom solutions for enterprises nationwide. As a leading telecom firm with decades of experience in responsive telecom engineering, our team is knowledgeable and equipped to help transform commercial networking ecosystems for 5G applications.

Connect with a team of OSP engineers at KMB to help you plan and design the right solution for your organization.

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