September 24, 2018

Designing an Effective Retail Store Layout for Competitive Advantage

When it comes to designing an effective retail store layout for new buildings or renovating an existing location, brands are being challenged to come up with innovative solutions and unlock the potential of their retail space.

Especially in today’s growing digital world, brick-and-mortar retailers are seeking ways to optimize their store portfolios and shift toward innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience. With competition more fierce than ever, how can traditional retail businesses attract customers to their store?

Designing an Effective Retail Store Layout That Is Both Convenient And Simple

Layout optimization is both an art and a science. A successful retail store layout is not only designed with customer flow in mind, but also considers strategic use of floor plans and space management. All of these retail details are crafted to make merchandise move.

Four commonly used store layouts include:

  • Grid (best for retail stores with a lot of merchandise)
  • Herringbone or Spine (good for stores with a lot of product, but minimal space)
  • Loop (offers maximum product exposure with a predictable traffic pattern and may work well in retail stores where the customer has more time to shop)
  • Free-Flow (great for small spaces and higher-end shops with less merchandise)

Of course, these four are just a starting point. A well-designed layout can encourage customers to slow down and browse, make impulse purchases, feel a connection with brands, etc.

But, it all boils down to being flexible enough to evolve. The retail businesses who thrive (not just survive) over the next few years will be those who decide to redefine their store layout to meet the demands of today’s consumer.

KMB Facilities & Energy Engineering Services

Your business is unique and with the right retail store layout, you could be primed for even greater success.

KMB Design Group offers the Facilities & Energy Engineering organizations need for news construction and improvement projects nationwide. No need to waste time or resources on needless delays and miscommunications between multiple contractors. We work closely with each of our clients to provide the most cost effective structural solution that satisfies every regulation and requirement. Whether you need to remove walls for a more open floor layout, add space to an existing structure or simply change the interior design to reflect your brand’s vision, authenticity or heritage, we’ve got you covered.

KMB has the technical expertise and decades of experience you need for designing an effective retail store layout, getting quick approvals, improving your bottom line and minimizing interruptions to your business. Our experts take the time to learn about what you do, understand your goals and determine what your vision for growth looks like. Working within budgets and timelines, we provide the comprehensive engineering  services our clients need for a successful project completion.

Contact KMB’s Facilities & Energy Engineering experts for more information on designing your next retail store layout.

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