September 20, 2017

Putting Common Wireless Telecommunication Concerns At Ease

The Business Research Company recently released their “Wireless Telecommunication Carriers Market Global Report 2017” which stated that the wireless telecommunication carriers market is expected to reach over $1 trillion in 2020. From reliable connectivity to uninterrupted service, businesses are are no stranger to facing challenges, especially amidst today’s rapidly growing digital demands.  To address these challenges, here are six common wireless telecommunication concerns we hear regularly and how the telecom experts at KMB can help you keep business running smoothly.

6 Common Wireless Telecommunication Concerns

1. Moving Into a New Space

Whether you’re expanding to a new building or adding another location, the key to a successful move is planning ahead. Just as your new location must support business growth, so must your communication networks. A relocation is a perfect opportunity to review your current wireless telecommunication system and identify ways to meet future growth objectives through additional installations or site updates.

2. Outdated Communication Systems

The rapid evolution of wireless data communications has led to increasing demands for accessibility to information, data and applications for consumers. In fact, the first 5G phones ready to meet next-generation mobile standards are set to become available for the mass market in 2019, one year ahead of most predictions. And as more businesses conduct operations via a distributed workforce, fast, reliable telecom services become a critical component for collaboration. If a site has incompatible and outdated communication systems, it not only impacts productivity and security, but can also hinder public safety.

3. Bandwidth

High speed internet connectivity is now a must. From web conferencing and file sharing to streaming videos and accessing cloud applications, companies depend on strong connectivity and in-building coverage. Signs of low bandwidth could include slow speeds, interruptions, delays and pixelated videos. To meet the high needs for data transmission, bandwidth upgrades should be considered.

4. Moving to the Cloud

As more organizations rely on a robust and secure cloud for customer relationship management (CRM) tools, IoT technologies and data storage, the speed and bandwidth capabilities of fiber Internet is becoming more critical than ever. Slow accessibility could result in delayed service and costly mistakes.

5. Control Expenses

Considering the highly competitive environment we live in today, anything that boosts your worth in the eyes of your clients has the chance to increase profitability and reduce spending in the long run. The wireless telecommunication industry is changing and improving at a rapid pace. Give users the speed they need to work productively and stay connected. Not sure if your equipment is up for the task? It may be time for a telecom inspection and equipment upgrade.

6. Power Outages

Backup power and uninterrupted connectivity are an essential requirement for business operations. Since organizations can no longer afford to be without power, especially if they are relying on cloud-based services, backup generator power solutions can help to maintain business continuity in the event of an outage.

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