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May 8th 2015

Cyber Security

Any data breach can have a devastating effect on an organization and their reputation. Unfortunately, many businesses are not prepared and when an attack occurs, they often feel puzzled on how to proceed. Today, the regulatory oversight surrounding security breaches and their notification is very strong and is strictly enforced. Thirty-five states, plus the District of Columbia, have now enacted laws (California – 2003, Florida – 2005) requiring businesses to provide notice of security breaches affecting personal information. Recognizing Cyber […] Read More »

Apr 20th 2015

Celebrating Earth Month with Solar Energy

With more than one billion people around the earth celebrating Earth Month in April (this year is the 45th anniversary), you might be inspired for something new to do at your company to show your interest in saving the planet. We’ve compiled five great ideas below to help motivate you to make some changes: 1. Enter the Solar Energy Era Solar panels are the most popular form of renewable energy today. Used to generate heat, electricity, and indoor and outdoor […] Read More »

Apr 15th 2015

Solar Strides Across Midwest | Solar Cell | Grid Resource

Get the latest on solar energy, photovoltaic news and learn about all things under the sun across the country.   Almost Unnoticed, Solar Energy Starting to Make Big Strides Across Midwest With more than 8,000 companies now operating nationwide, solar energy has become one of the fastest-growing industries in America — thanks, in large part, to remarkable growth on both the West and East coasts. California, as expected, continues to lead the way with nearly 10 gigawatts (GW) of installed […] Read More »

Apr 10th 2015

Sustainable Design Benefits the Community

Green buildings with sustainable designs are responsive to the environment and can actively contribute to the development of healthy communities. Green buildings are not a simple development trend; more and more, communities are becoming interested in reducing their carbon footprint and are looking to encourage sustainable behaviors for the environment. Businesses are internally implementing sustainability initiatives and are encouraging other companies to adopt similar practices reaping environmental, economic and social benefits. Reduce Emissions- Sustainable building design techniques like solar engineering, […] Read More »

Apr 2nd 2015

Recent Advances in Wireless Technology

No doubt, wireless technology is advancing at an incredible pace. Every day, these technological advances are continuously looking to up the ante for more speed, more power and more efficiency. The ever growing demand from users of mobile networks (concerning capacity and coverage) is driving technologies to advance at a rapid pace. The Next Evolution (and the need for speed): 3G → 4G → 5G Back in June we posted a blog, “Time for a Network Upgrade”, demonstrating how technologies […] Read More »

Mar 25th 2015

Solar Energy in the News

Get the latest on solar energy and learn about all things under the sun across the country. US Solar Generation Doubled in 2014, Renewable Output Grew 11% Reported on Renewable Energy World Magazine, the U.S. Energy Information Administration 2014 report saw non-hydro renewable energy generation increase by 11 percent over the previous year — and solar power led the charge in growth, if not in overall share of U.S. electricity supply. “Solar still made up less than one-half percent, and […] Read More »

Mar 18th 2015

Different Types of Telecom Towers: Which Design is Right For Your Site?

When choosing which telecom tower will best suit your project, it is important to consider a number of factors first, including design, tower height, location (environment) and weight. Identifying the most efficient telecom tower design can be challenging but KMB is committed to helping you select the style that is right for your project and accommodate increasing connectivity demands. We are a leading provider of Design & Build tower modifications and reinforcement services and a member of NATE. Towers, commonly used for […] Read More »

Mar 11th 2015

Telecom Engineering: Wireless Controls for Small Businesses – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With the explosion in mobile devices over the last few years, it is becoming the norm for individuals to bring their own wireless devices into the office. Organizations are also becoming more and more dependent on wireless technology to connect remote and mobile workers to the company network. It has become an integral part of businesses, not only boosting employee productivity but also becoming a viable alternative to wired (Ethernet-based) accessibility to the network. As the number of people using […] Read More »

Mar 4th 2015

Importance of Sustainable Hospital Engineering: Going for the Green

Sustainable building engineering design and construction is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout the life cycle of a building– from selecting the site to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and finally, deconstruction. Energy and resource efficient, eco- friendly designs are beneficial to the community and environment, socially responsible and thus well received. Hospitals have a mission to improve the health and well-being of patients, staff and the communities they serve which is why sustainable engineering […] Read More »

Feb 4th 2015

Energy and Resource Efficiency Tips for the New Year

According to, the most common New Year’s Resolutions include to lose weight, quit smoking, get a better job, and save money. But it’s never too late to make your own resolution that can save you money (and the earth) by embracing some simple energy and resource efficiency tips (like “going green”). Try these tips and tricks from KMB to create a money-saving, waste-reducing, eco-friendly company that makes you, and the earth, proud. Sustainable architectural designs can help to reduce […] Read More »