August 3, 2017

Finding Your Ideal Corporate Building Design and Engineering Consultants

Engineering ConsultantsWhen renting space to other business owners, it helps if you can offer the ideal floor layout and office space that corporate renters are looking for. With so many options out there, how do you know what building features are “ideal?” It starts by understanding the latest trends in corporate building design and the KMB MEP Engineering Consultants have the inside scoop.

From open work spaces and sustainable building designs to superior IT infrastructure and backup power solutions, present-day business owners are looking for both an aesthetically-pleasing space that features flexible work areas for increased employee productivity and modern amenities that make the world’s largest workforce, the millennials, swoon.

Open Space Corporate Floor Plans for Increased Communications

Open office spaces have received a lot of attention lately. According to the International Facility Management Association, approximately 70% of U.S. offices have no or low dividers between work spaces. No cubicles, no separations, no need for more than one or two doors throughout the entire space.

Despite some recent debates over the popular open-office trends, there are substantial benefits to open floor plans. In addition to creating a more conducive environment for employees to communicate, for the property manager, this design greatly decreases operational and maintenance needs, reduces utility expenses and expands the opportunity to use flexible space for growing and evolving tenants.

Reliable Connectivity for Employees

In addition to open floor plans, tech-forward business leaders understand that reliable connectivity and technology services are also necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Knowing that in today’s technology-driven workplace, without expected services such as reliable connectivity, most tenants will move on to the next rental property. And this connection needs to extend beyond the cubicle.

As online collaborations and telecommunication trends continue to grow, it is imperative to provide high-capacity infrastructures that ensure strong and reliable connections for on-the-go business needs.

KMB Corporate Facility Engineering Consultants Has Your Solution

But, as many realize, incorporating collaborative floor plans with advanced technologies are only part of the puzzle. Knowing that a variety of unforeseen circumstances can potentially cause connection interruptions, maintaining these assets must also be a part of the process. Recognizing these risks, generators and backup power solutions can provide a peace of mind and protect critical business operations from the dangers of outages.

As a full service engineering services provider licensed in the United States and Europe, the professional engineering teams at KMB Design Group have always been passionate about creating comprehensive solutions that align specifically with our client’s goals and deliver proven results. From conception through site acquisition, engineering and construction, we focus on collaboration and communication throughout the entire process to help our clients create the best and most reliable space for their current and future tenants.

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