August 21, 2017

Does the Eclipse Affect Solar Power? KMB Consulting Firm in the Solar Energy Industry Has the Answer

Consulting Firm in the Solar Energy IndustryWith Monday’s total solar eclipse on the horizon, many are wondering if (and how) an eclipse will affect solar power. KMB, a top Consulting Firm in the Solar Energy Industry, has your answers about this phenomenon. When the moon passes in front of the sun during an eclipse, it will, indeed, test how well the country’s grid can handle an unprecedented interruption in solar-power production. As the first to cover the United States coast-to-coast in 99 years, operators are going to be faced with an abrupt loss of solar energy loads in addition to an immediate rush of energy back to the grid as the eclipse runs its course.

The last time a solar eclipse was visible in the US was back in 1979, when the solar energy industry was still in its infancy. Since then, energy systems have changed significantly with solar becoming one of the fastest-growing sources of alternative electricity generation. Considering about 7 million businesses and homes are now directly powered by the sun, it’s understandable to have questions and concerns.

How Does the Eclipse Affect My Solar Power?

For approximately three hours during the eclipse when the sky darkens and lightens two-to-three times as fast as usual, solar power availability will be diminished significantly for the entire country. Depending on how much sun is blocked by the moon, some states will see a more drastic drop in solar power than others. The path of totality spans across the US, starting in Oregon and moving eastward to South Carolina in about 90 minutes. Those with the biggest impact include North Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey – the Eastern states with the most solar energy.

Thanks to other renewable energy resources ready to fill the gap and advance preparations for this celestial event, hopefully businesses and residents won’t notice any change in their electricity service. Still, Consulting Firms in the Solar Energy Industry are asking businesses to conserve power during the eclipse to reduce the need to use additional power.

This year’s eclipse highlights the demand for energy storage technologies to balance the supply fluctuations that come with renewable energy sources. But since the next eclipse that will sweep across North America won’t occur until April 8, 2024 (moving in a diagonal southwest-northeast path across Mexico, U.S., and Canada) and the next U.S. coast-to-coast eclipse won’t be until Aug. 12, 2045, we still have some time.

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