July 18, 2019

 5G Small Cell Companies Respond to User Demands with Aesthetically Pleasing Designs 

Residents and businesses worldwide increasingly rely on wireless handheld devices to transmit data and communicate. With the progressive shift to 5G, users are expecting more processing capabilities and speed—but without sacrificing the skyline to hundreds of unsightly towers. To keep pace with these demands, local governments in the United States are seeking out innovative 5G small cell companies to provide aesthetically pleasing installation designs.

Small cells equate to more reliable coverage, better spectral efficiency, improved overall network performance and capacity. As a result they create an opportunity to lower the cost-per-bit. Although they are required for the much anticipated higher-frequency 5G network, residents are increasingly  concerned over their impact on community aesthetics.

As the largest 5G small cell engineering firm in the United States, KMB has designed more than 17,000 small cells across the country. To help municipalities successfully implement aesthetically pleasing small cells, we take the time to innovate and engineer elegant solutions.

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 Overcoming Challenges with 5G Small Cell Companies 

Aesthetic standards for small cells reflect the desire to maintain a consistent look within a city. There are many subtle ways to ensure a minimal impact upon the local setting. This may include:

  • Color choices
  • Antenna enclosures
  • Pole placement
  • Use of decorative poles
  • Cable and wire concealment
  • Ground-mounted concealment
  • Landscaping requirements
  • Prohibition of logos

Small cells are the building blocks to 5G. While many municipalities have already published their aesthetic requirements, it’s important that all local governments still work to publish compliant standards to control the process ahead. Towns resisting small cell development will be lag far behind neighboring cities when 5G becomes widespread.

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From “co-locating” on an existing tower or short roof tops to installing new telephone poles, every town has their own concerns.

“A large majority of municipalities that we have worked with have expressed significant concern about the overall aesthetic impact of 5G small cells,” shared one of KMB’s small cell technical experts, Steven Strieffler, VP of Telecom Engineering. “We have come up with innovative and elegant designs that help the 5G small cells blend in with the existing infrastructure, with has allowed us to successfully design over 17,000 nationwide.”

Through careful consideration and working collaboratively with local stakeholders, KMB has innovated a new solution to quickly, efficiently and aesthetically solve community concerns, while still enabling 5G progression.

Leading 5G Small Cell Company for Small Cell Deployment 

KMB is a leading 5G small engineering cell company. We have deployed over 550 polygons (small cell groupings) nationwide. Our innovative engineering solutions set us apart. Whether you have questions on how to get started, or need help with the permitting process, KMB can help with your 5G and telecom needs.

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