October 24, 2018

The Push for 5G at 600 MHz: What’s Ahead?

More and more companies are are pushing for 5G at 600 MHz as a way to provide better choices of wireless service for rural customers.

600 MHz and the 5G Push

In September, T-Mobile announced a rollout of 600 MHz (Band 71) Extended Range LTE coverage in 1,254 cities and towns in 36 states, including over 100 localities in Puerto Rico. The operator has named its service ‘Extended Range LTE’ due to the low-band spectrum’s characteristics of covering a larger area, “four times better in buildings than mid-band LTE.” By laying the foundation for 5G at 600 MHz, T-Mobile is expanding its network coverage and enhancing capacity by utilizing low-band radio wave propagation.

Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer for T-Mobile shared more on the update:

“Our swift deployment of 600 MHz spectrum is a game changer. While paving the way for the next generation of wireless tech, we’re bringing choice to consumers, mainly in rural areas, who’ve been forced to rely on the other guys in the past. And with 600 MHz now live across Puerto Rico, we’re helping the island position itself as a future tech leader as it continues to rebuild after last year’s hurricanes.”

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Deploying 5G at 600 MHz Drives More Options for Consumers

In many rural areas, additional cell site coverage can now be provided, which can drastically improve economics and enable a more competitive choice of wireless services for consumers. The ongoing 600 MHz deployment will also help T-Mobile upgrade to 5G easier, as they will be using “5G-ready equipment” for Extended Range LTE.

By allowing operators to extend coverage via 600 MHz low-band spectrum, we can expect to see more cell site coverage in rural areas on existing network infrastructure. Building capabilities for 5G at 600 MHz will also provide more options for customers, communities and enterprises who seek fixed wireless access solutions.

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