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Jul 12th 2018

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Telecom Infrastructure

telecom infrastructureTelecom is the lifeblood for most businesses and corporations today. Regardless of a company’s size, an efficient telecom infrastructure keeps businesses and customers connected, ensures employees have what they need to be productive and provides support to deliver data-rich services. As telecom continues to become a more critical leverage point for businesses, it becomes more and more critical to take into account the technological advancements available to help save time and money.

Reasons to Upgrade Telecom Infrastructure

Here are five reasons why upgrading your telecom infrastructure now makes good operational and business sense for the future health of your company.

1. Increased Bandwidth

The growth of the Internet of Things continues to drive demand for further bandwidth. With fifth generation mobile networks (5G) offering higher bandwidth and better reliability right around the corner, telecom infrastructure adjustments will no longer be considered a luxury, but instead, a necessity to keep connected and stay relevant.

2. Increased Speed and Capacity

Network speed makes a direct impact on employee productivity. As businesses grow, so too will their need for additional data capabilities. More than ever, employees are likely to multi-task by simultaneously working on their computer, mobile device and fielding calls simultaneously. A sluggish network performance can slow them down and rob any sized company of serious ROI.  Organizations who need to gain more ground in speed and capacity will need to accelerate their telecom operations to new levels.

3. Accessible Cloud

Expanding beyond on-site data centers to encompass remote locations and mobile workers, it has been estimated that over 80% of organizations now use the cloud in some capacity. A telecom infrastructure upgrade can assure you have the bandwidth and speed necessary to provide the full scope of cloud-based tools, without dropped connections or delays.

4. Expanded Capabilities

From video conferences to cloud-based training, many businesses today thrive on collaboration. As a result, multimedia capabilities have become critical to their communications to tailor products and services to meet customer and employee needs. Replacing outdated telecom infrastructure is the best way to meet a wide range of needs and emerge as industry leaders.

5. Extended Coverage

As a large number of modern establishments and public spaces are offering reliable wireless internet access as part of their value-added service, greater telecom infrastructure solutions are required. From eliminating dead spots in unusual building layouts to overcoming challenging terrains and public safety communication considerations, predictable reliability is an important measure of coverage performance. Upgrading telecom infrastructure is a logical step to enhance reliability and extend coverage.

Is Your Aging Telecom Infrastructure Slowing Business Down?

The demand for bandwidth is at an all-time high. While not all situations can be controlled such as bad weather or network disruptions, a slow connection can lead to slow applications, unhappy customers and ultimately, a decrease in profits.

Is your company beginning to feel the effects of an aging telecom infrastructure? If so, the time to fix the issue and execute a strategic upgrade is now.

Replacing or upgrading telecom infrastructure is a significant investment for many businesses, but it is often necessary. Businesses must prepare their telecom infrastructure to handle additional usage requirements.

Execute a Strategic Telecom Infrastructure Upgrade with KMB

KMB is a leading provider of engineering technology upgrades and overlay services, that has provided services for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. As a full-service telecom engineering provider licensed in the United States and Europe, we take a systematic approach to develop comprehensive telecom infrastructure solutions to ensure the most economically sound alternatives are presented for each client. We are licensed in 50 states across the USA and are a full service provider covering audit, mapping, structural, A&E and construction services.

Our Mission Statement

 We are committed to achieving the mutual success of our clients, vendors, and staff through engineering excellence, responsiveness, and organized systems.

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