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Nov 28th 2018

3 Office Building Design Trends to Watch This Year

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Every organization has unique needs when it comes to office building design. Technology is evolving at a rapid place. Personal well-being is becoming a focal point. As a result, companies must embrace the change as we head into 2019 and beyond.

3 Office Building Design Trends to Watch

Strategic innovation is a key component to gain a competitive advantage and improve ROI at the same time. Successful businesses know this.

From generational considerations, green office building design elements and technology enhancements, here are three trends to keep your eye on this year.

1. Generational Office Building Design Considerations

In today’s hyper-competitive workplace environment, attracting and retaining talent is critical. Recognizing that each generation has their own unique needs and preferences plays a big role in that.

As the line between work and home life becomes increasingly blurred, employees want to feel inspired at the office, but not everyone wants an open space. To meet the different needs of a multi-generational workforce, savvy companies are reflecting flexibility in their office building design.

In effort to create a more profitable work environment, many savvy companies have steered away from thick walls and straight lines to more modern office designs, such as unconventional open work spaces, collaborative areas and breakout spaces.

2. Green Office Building Design Trends

In effort to stay aligned with sustainable goals, as well as attract employees and consumers, many companies are integrating green office building design elements into workspaces. And, they’re aligning their mission statement accordingly.

From implementing environmentally-friendly living walls and energy-efficient daylighting to pursuing LEED building certifications and the WELL Building Standard, net-zero building efforts are gaining momentum. According to an article in Green Building Elements, “An explosion in certified green buildings has led sustainable-infrastructure advocates to push for more neighborhoods, campuses, business districts, and cities to track and enhance their evolution toward sustainability.”    

As such, green office building design and construction must include sustainable energy sources, eco-friendly materials and consideration of local ecosystems.

3. Technology Office Building Design Enhancements

Business connectivity is always evolving. It’s no surprise that technology is one of the biggest drivers behind commercial office building designs. As tenants search for corporate space with fast, reliable internet and companies strive to boost workplace productivity, it has become more important than ever to provide staff with the most updated technology.

Today’s technology-driven tenants rely heavily on this connectivity. This is why we’re seeing trends, such as 5G deployment and artificial intelligence, directly impact workplace design considerations. With the increase in wireless traffic and rise in connectivity expectations, it’s clear that organizations must be ready to meet those diversified demands with the right mix of technology design elements.

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KMB Office Building Design Services

Whether you need to redesign your current office space that attracts talented Millennial employees, take the steps to become LEED certified in a new location or update telecommunication solutions for 5G, office building designs require careful consideration and consultation.

At KMB, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to office building design. Offering engineering support to help create the right design for your space, the KMB Facilities & Energy Engineering professionals have the vast experience, resources and technical skills required to keep you ahead of the trends.

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