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Feb 18th 2019

How Electrical Telecommunication Engineering is Essential for Smart Buildings

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Technology is constantly evolving. From energy management to intelligent security, these advancements create the potential for smarter building design. Today’s smart buildings produce a huge amount of energy performance data every day. In order to leverage this data and maximize a building’s efficiencies, commercial and industrial organizations are turning to electrical telecommunication engineering solutions.

What is a Smart Building?

A smart building refers to a facility that utilizes automated processes to control operations, such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC systems), security, spacing and other systems. But smart buildings go beyond any single automation. By seamlessly connecting as many digital frameworks as possible, these automated control processes work together via IoT to exchange real-time data.

The smart building market is expected to witness high growth over the next decade. Adoption of these smart building technologies crosses nearly all usage categories, including commercial complexes, manufacturing plants, malls, recreational buildings, universities, residential complexes and corporate offices. The biggest factor driving this growth stems from a global concern about increasing energy consumption.

While much new construction is designed from the start to implement smart technologies, retrofits are also widely used to improve the operational efficiency of older structures. In fact, the global smart building market, valued at $5.8 million in 2016, is expected to reach close to $62 million by 2024. The report, by Zion Market Research on the Smart Building Market — Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024, states, “There is a rise in the number of buildings that are getting smarter. These infrastructures incorporate many of the advanced technologies in it, such as managing the lighting, energy, heating, and also the security systems. The major factors that will prompt the growth of these smart buildings are the increasing demand for integrated security & safety systems and growing government initiatives for smart building projects.”

Electrical Telecommunication Engineering Strategies for The Future

As the number of possible connections grow and digital communications advance, businesses will be presented with many new IoT opportunities to consider. Smart building technology can help improve the performance of their building, reduce their carbon footprint and increase the system’s ROI throughout the entire building lifecycle.

That’s where electrical telecommunication engineering solutions comes in — to help manage and monitor all that data.

No matter how complex or challenging a project may be, KMB Design Group has the experience and skill necessary to engineer smart building designs for any needs. Through energy efficient technologies, KMB will help connect and transform building operations by using intelligent networks, continuous availability and reliable data.

As a responsive electrical telecommunication engineering company, we provide energy-conscious organizations with cost-effective, proven solutions for smart building design.