May 15, 2022

Benefits of Outsourcing Solar Engineering Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Solar Engineering Services

Quicker turnaround times. Reduced overhead costs. Increased flexibility. The benefits of outsourcing solar engineering services are abundant. With a tight labor market and a small pool of specialized engineers to pull from, solar companies are finding many reasons to outsource projects in 2022.

If you’re embarking on a solar installation project, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the reasons to outsource solar engineering services. The risks outweigh the rewards, and we’ll tell you why.

Learn more about what’s involved, so you can make the right decision.

What Does It Mean to Outsource Engineering Services?

Outsourcing is obtaining a service from an outside supplier, in place of an internal source. In the business world, it’s common for companies to hire external firms to manage projects that would otherwise fall on the shoulders of in-house teams.

Given the complex nature of solar installations, and the technical skill required to become a solar engineer, it should come as no surprise that many companies opt to outsource their solar engineering projects, rather than handle these projects in-house. Engineering firms have experience collaborating with organizations to deliver on all types of projects, including solar installations.

Outsourcing comes with a number of benefits, such as reduced costs and faster turnaround times. We’ll dig deeper into the benefits of outsourcing solar engineering services in the next section of this article.

The Pros: Reasons to Outsource Solar Engineering Services

Outsourced projects are known for getting up and running quickly, but that’s not the only reason why solar companies are opting to go this route.

In 2022, the majority of solar project costs are now labor costs and infrastructure costs. This makes scale an essential factor for companies watching their budgets. It also makes outsourcing a more lucrative option.

The benefits to outsourcing solar engineering projects are as follows:

Lower hourly rates: Contract engineers generally charge lower hourly rates than what companies pay to employ full-time engineering teams in-house.

Time savings: Your time is valuable. If your efforts would be better served doing other tasks, then consider outsourcing projects that fall outside your scope. Contract engineers have the ability to complete projects quickly, since they have broad access to teams of trained specialists. Outsourcing solar engineering services ensures you won’t miss deadlines. In fact, projects might be completed faster than you think.

Resource management: Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to leverage the right engineering resources when you need them. With the assistance that comes with outsourcing, your company has increased flexibility.

Fewer expenses: Consider all the costs involved in managing a team of solar engineers. Contracting with an outside firm means you aren’t paying associated costs, like training, administrative fees, and overhead. That brings down the total cost of your project. Bringing in an engineering firm to handle your solar project reduces the cost of labor, along with other investment costs. The revenue you’ve saved by outsourcing can be invested in other business functions.

Specialized training: Do your in-house engineers have the specialized training necessary to handle complex projects, like solar installations? When your business outsources solar engineering services, you get access to highly-trained specialists who are licensed in solar engineering. This expertise can be useful as you navigate the permitting process for solar installations.

Engineers You Can Trust

Attempting to self-manage a solar project is never a good idea, regardless of the size of the company or the scope of the project. Self-managed projects can lead to delays and cost overruns.

A trusted firm like KMB Design Group will exceed your expectations and work diligently on your behalf to handle all aspects of your solar engineering project. With a team of specialized engineers, it’s always a smarter move to outsource solar engineering services and let the professionals handle the details on your behalf.

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