June 28, 2019

Solar Engineering Consultants Reveal 3 Costly Solar Mistakes

Many unique factors affect the design of an optimal solar array. Over the past 15 years, KMB’s solar engineering consultants have witnessed many promising solar projects undercut by costly mistakes. Being mindful of the following three potential solar pitfalls will help you to avoid these common reasons for underperforming installations. 

1. Only Going With the Cheapest Quote

Energy prices are on the rise, but installing solar panels for your organization is a great way to reduce your energy bills for the long term. According to a recent report released by BloombergNEF, as electricity demands increase by more than 60%, wind, solar and other renewables will account for half of all power by 2050.

It’s important to consider, however, that with solar, you get what you pay for. From low quality panels or faulty inverters to inaccurate installation and little to no after-install support, often, the cheapest solar solution can lead to big problems in the future–or an underperforming investment.

Speak to knowledgable solar engineering consultants who can guarantee a high-quality solution for the long-term. While it may be a bigger investment up front, it can result in a stronger ROI, faster payback and a better net present value (NPV).

2. Rushing into a Decision

As mentioned above, solar is an investment. To maximize savings over the lifetime of your solar system, don’t be rushed into making any decisions that do not strategically align with your needs.

For example, with solar, “one-size-fits-all” does not apply. Your PV design and layout should fit your location, energy needs, goals for reducing energy, and plans for the future, therefore, it must be designed correctly. The solar engineering consultants you speak to should be able to make an appropriate recommendation based on your organization’s needs. 

When researching which solar engineering consultants to work with, make sure to look for a company that provides ongoing support for the life of your system. 

3. Failing to Understand the Warranty Conditions

Before moving forward with any solar installation decision, thoroughly read through any warranty conditions. Specifically, look for the solar panel performance warranty provided by the manufacturer. This warranty protects the panel’s performance for a period of time—approximately 25 years. Also investigate the warranty on the inverter. The inverter is the piece of equipment that converts your solar energy into ready-to-use electricity. Finally, research the installation warranty. While this warranty varies greatly from provider to provider, it generally covers defects related to workmanship for a period of time.

If you’re uncertain about anything, be sure to speak with a seasoned solar engineering consultant to help you understand. 

Investing in a Quality Commercial Solar Energy System

One of the best ways to save energy and expenses for your organization is to use solar energy to your advantage. As a leading solar engineering firm in the United States, the team of KMB consultants have the expertise you need to meet your energy goals.  We offer a complete range of solar services including: conceptual design and feasibility, energy usage and production analysis, RFP preparation, project management, permitting & applications, commissioning support and much more.

Contact the commercial solar engineers at KMB Design Group at 888-942-9401 to learn more.


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