April 17, 2018

Full-Service Structural Engineering

Businesses undertaking renovations, expansions, or new construction require a professional analysis of design and materials to ensure the structural integrity of the completed project. This is to ensure safety, stability of structures, and compliance with building codes at every level.Regulations vary widely depending on the location of construction, making selection of qualified consultants and experienced technicians critical for quality results that adhere to all zoning, environmental, and building codes. Hence, using full-service structural engineering solutions is not only critical, but convenient.

What Structural Engineers Contribute to Your Project

Structural engineering ensures that construction projects will provide the stability and strength required by your finished product, whether the effort involves design of new facilities, upgrades to existing structures, or additions such as adding a floor to an existing structure.

Engineers identify and evaluate materials to be utilized in the project, and analyze potential loads on structures to determine if additional upgrades are required. This includes such considerations as strengthening load-bearing walls or adding roof trusses to support new construction.

Architects provide beautiful, functional designs for buildings or other structures. After that, structural engineers complete the process with selection of the proper materials and underlying grids to provide the integrity and safety of the structure.

It’s not uncommon for the engineers to work hand-in-hand with architects to develop a working solution that provides the desired aesthetics of the finished structure.

It is the structural engineers who take the lead in determining your project meets the expectations for:

  • Stability – including weight loads and any susceptibility to swaying or shifting
  • Structural safety of the property and occupants
  • Comfort through use of quality and functional materials
  • Tolerance for environmental issues such as wind, heavy snows, and even earthquakes

Some engineers focus on particular areas such as today’s amazing skyscrapers, hospitals, or structures such as bridges or sport stadiums. It’s important that you match experience and credentials of an engineer to your intended construction plans.

Professional Structural Engineering is Critical

There are many incidents, some tragic in nature, where inadequate or faulty structural engineering led to financial disasters or even loss of life. This is why experience and a thorough understanding of local requirements, environmental concerns, and safety is so important in your choice of engineering services.

The National Council of Structural Engineers mentions some of the many responsibilities of their membership:

  • Analysis of maps, reports, blueprints, and geological data
  • Studying environmental conditions
  • Estimating cost of materials, quantities required, and labor resources needed
  • Analysis of stress factors, grade impact, and even any water flow, if present
  • Inspect job site regularly to ensure adherence to design specifications and to monitor progress

Selecting competent, licensed, experienced structural engineering services is an important step when undertaking any construction project. With continuous advances in materials and construction techniques, it’s important to enlist the best talent available.

KMB Design Group has the experience and technical resources needed to analyze, design, and oversee your project from start to finish. Licensed in the U.S. and Europe, our team understands local requirements that keep you in compliance with all regulatory and safety concerns.

Contact us by phone at 855-755-6234. Our engineering professionals will work with you to provide “responsive engineering – proven results.”


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No matter how complex or expansive your project is, our team of experts has the MEP engineering skills required to ensure a cost-effective design to meet your deployment goals.

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