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Mar 14th 2018

Staying Up to Speed with Insight from Top Telecom Engineering Companies

The 5G New Radio (NR) standard has arrived. In the midst of NR trials and testing, the advent of 5G standards have marked a new turning point in how future networks are going to be prototyped. Businesses have to stay up to speed, which is why top telecom engineering companies must offer ultra-reliable and low-latency wireless network solutions. Insight from Top Telecom Engineering Companies 5G is coming. And it will be fast. 5G, short for “fifth generation,” is expected to […] Read More »

Feb 21st 2018

Making an Impact: Shining a Light on Engineering Consulting Services

One of our core services at KMB is engineering consulting services. In honor of Engineering Week (February 18–24, 2018), we’re celebrating how our engineers make a difference in the community, spreading awareness about engineering and shining a light on what we offer our clients throughout the United States and Europe. Highlighting Engineering Consulting Services During National Engineers Week Happy National Engineers Week! Founded by NSPE in 1951, National Engineers Week, known as EWeek, is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and […] Read More »

Feb 15th 2018

How Solar Energy Companies Can Help Businesses Maximize ERoEI

In the face of a complex and confusing time, commercial solar may initially sound like a risky move. But, despite the new tariff , experienced solar energy companies, like KMB, can help business owners use the sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative to maximize ERoEI. What is Energy Return on Energy Investment (ERoEI)? Energy return on energy investment (ERoEI), also referred to as EROI, refers to the amount of energy that must be expended in order to produce a certain amount of […] Read More »

Feb 8th 2018

How the New U.S. Solar Tariff Could Affect Commercial Renewable Energy

A drastic new tariff on imported solar panels could have a profound effect on commercial renewable energy. Let’s take a look at what that could mean for businesses throughout the United States. Will the Solar Tariff Cloud the Future for Commercial Renewable Energy? Over the past decade, the future for commercial renewable energy outlook has been very bright. Thanks in part to the 2006 Solar Investment Tax Credit, solar has experienced an average annual growth of about 68 percent over […] Read More »

Feb 7th 2018

Telecom Services NJ: 7 Tech Trends that Could Impact Business Connectivity

As technology continues to improve, businesses will have to adapt to trends in consumer behavior. From 5G wireless technology and smart cities to remote employees and virtual reality, advanced connectivity will become even more important than ever before. KMB Telecom Services NJ has put together some of the top tech trends to keep an eye on this year that could have a huge impact on your business. Businesses that are attentive to the trends will be better able to implement […] Read More »

Feb 5th 2018

The Push Toward 5G Deployment

At a time when IoT (internet of things) and VR (virtual reality) applications are growing rapidly, connected devices and systems are skyrocketing, and video is expected to account for 75% of all data traffic by 2023, efforts to adopt 5G are quickly ramping up. Ultra-reliable, ultra-fast, ultra-high capacity transmitting at super low latency, 5G is expected to support ultra-large data requirements. Also known as next generation wireless connectivity, the push toward 5G deployment efforts continue to accelerate as businesses struggle […] Read More »

Jan 18th 2018

Responsive Engineering Company

When faced with a big project, you expect a timely response to your needs. At KMB, our engineering teams work to provide a high-quality level of service to each of our clients, ensuring that you receive responsive engineering service throughout the entire duration of your project. Let us show you how we do it! Quick Turnaround No matter the size of your project, we understand that getting timely results is essential to your business. When results are available sooner, you’re […] Read More »

Jan 10th 2018

Commercial Backup Power Solutions for Uninterrupted Business

Winter is a prime time for dangerous ice, heavy snows and strong winds that can result in hazardous conditions leading to power failures. Businesses are especially susceptible during this time of year. Arranging for backup power solutions is key to preparing for uninterrupted business in the face of blackouts and staying safe in the coldest months of the year. Prepare for Winter Elements with Backup Power Solutions Is your business prepared to face a blackout? A power outage can potentially […] Read More »

Dec 19th 2017

Key Considerations for Hospitality Lighting Design

By definition, hospitality is “the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests in a warm, friendly, generous way.” And many factors, including lighting designs, go into creating the right mood and environment for an establishment to make guests feel welcome. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to hospitality lighting design, a few key factors must be considered. 5 Key Considerations for Hospitality Lighting Design Whether for a hotel, casino or restaurant, factor in the following five hospitality lighting design […] Read More »

Dec 18th 2017

Resilient Electrical Design and Development Considerations

The insatiable demands we put on electrical grids are increasing every day. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s latest International Energy Outlook 2017 (IEO2017) projects that world energy consumption is expected to grow by more than 12 percent through 2040. From a simple video conference on a smartphone to heating, ventilation, AC and lighting controls, businesses and consumers rely on power every day, but those demands don’t stop in the middle of a storm. With the number of weather-related […] Read More »