December 16, 2021

KMB Design Group Announces Strategic Partnership with NGENX Energy

KMB Design Group LLC, a premier engineering firm with national recognition, today announced a strategic partnership with NgenX Energy, a leading developer of clean technology projects across the U.S. As part of the alliance, NgenX President and CEO Charles J. Miller will be joining KMB, bringing with him decades of experience leading companies in the renewable energy space.

Miller has spent more than 30 years working in the energy business, with a focus on nuclear power plant simulation, Industrial and Process Energy, and experience managing networks of engineers for Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson Controls. Miller previously served in a leadership position at Washington Gas, where he was responsible for deploying more than $50 million a year in energy projects, focusing on combined heat and power, fuel cells, and renewable technologies. In 2018, he formed NgenX Energy, an innovative development collaboration, bringing together cutting-edge technology providers, applications expertise, and flexible finance partners with experienced engineering and construction professionals to deliver advanced energy solutions.

The new alliance between KMB and NgenX leverages NgenX’s experience in holistic energy development and third-party investing to deliver clean technology solutions to data centers and controlled environmental agriculture businesses as well as traditional energy efficiency applications. With KMB’s strong foundation in engineering and construction management services, clients will see expedited design validation for solution concepts and decreased timelines for permitting and construction.

“KMB brings to the table the infrastructure to support projects on a nationwide basis. That capability, and that experience, is ripe for growth into larger-scale projects,” Miller says.

As a leading engineering firm, KMB has been involved in the design of more than 50,000 projects throughout all 50 states and Europe. The firm is committed to achieving the mutual success of its clients, vendors, and employees through engineering excellence and responsiveness.

Stephen Bray, CEO, and President says, “The partnership between KMB and NgenX is a win/win for both companies. Our skillsets matched and our goals aligned, so I expect this alliance to open up exciting opportunities for both of our firms.”

About KMB Design Group
KMB Design Group is licensed in 50 states and Europe. KMB provides a full range of offerings including solar, structural, mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, and construction management services. More information can be found at http://www.kmbdg.com.