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Jul 12th 2018

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom is the lifeblood for most businesses and corporations today. Regardless of a company’s size, an efficient telecom infrastructure keeps businesses and customers connected, ensures employees have what they need to be productive and provides support to deliver data-rich services. As telecom continues to become a more critical leverage point for businesses, it becomes more and more critical to take into account the technological advancements available to help save time and money. Reasons to Upgrade Telecom Infrastructure Here are five […] Read More »

Jun 27th 2018

Commercial Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Deciding to install commercial solar panels isn’t something you flip a coin on. It’s an investment and should be considered with a thorough evaluation of the solar energy advantages and disadvantages specific to your unique needs. To help you make the best business decision, our solar energy engineers at KMB have put together a list of the top advantages and disadvantages to consider when starting your research on investing in a commercial solar energy system. Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages […] Read More »

Jun 26th 2018

Demands for Top Industrial Contractors is Up, Driven by Growth of E-Commerce

As e-commerce continues to experience enormous growth, it is completely reshaping the structure of supply chains all over the world. Considering the impact of e-commerce growth extends well beyond brick-and-mortar space, demands to work with top industrial contractors and find warehouse space are also up. But, times are changing. In the past, industrial real estate had generally been isolated from high populations and located on the outskirts of town, mostly so goods could be moved without hindering the community. Now, […] Read More »

Jun 19th 2018

Driving Forces Behind Small Cell Technology

As a cost-effective solution to help organizations fill coverage gaps, increase bandwidth and get ready for seamless 5G connectivity, small cell technology solutions are making a big impact. While it’s not necessarily a new concept, small cells are getting more and more attention. In addition to being a power efficient and affordable solution, small cell technology has also become more flexible and attractive. Moving beyond coverage within commercial buildings, hospitals, airports and other indoor spaces, small cells have become key […] Read More »

May 30th 2018

Small Cell Telecom Key Enabler for 5G

Much of what we envision for the future – from virtual reality experiences to autonomous vehicles – will require much faster, more reliable and more universal internet service. The future of this rapid technological change may not be as distant as some think and will require small cell telecom adaptations. Small Cell Telecom In Response to 5G The jump from 4G technology is going to be fast. With so much buzz surrounding the roll-out of mobile 5G (fifth-generation) wireless technology […] Read More »

May 25th 2018

Trends Impacting Hospitality Builders Today

Developments in hospitality markets across the United States continue to move forward at full speed, driving increased demands for resources across the sector. To keep project developments on time and on budget, savvy hospitality builders are turning to innovative solutions such as sustainable designs, energy-efficiencies and unique partnerships with responsive engineering companies to guarantee success. Whether you’re engaged in renovations or building new construction, these trends could have an impact on your hospitality brand. Innovation The hospitality sector has grown […] Read More »

May 21st 2018

Changes are Coming. Stay Connected with Innovative Telecom Companies

In this evolving age of technological and digital advancements, savvy organizations are turning to the expertise of innovative telecom companies who can provide solutions for data-hungry users. And nearly all industries will be affected. From retail and hospitality to automotive and architecture to education and medical, a huge range of industries will require a strategic approach that can differentiate their offerings to attract and retain consumers. Stay Connected with Innovative Telecom Companies In the Face of Change From the explosion […] Read More »

Apr 19th 2018

How Solar Engineering Creates a Strategic Advantage with Eco-Friendly Power

A clean, sustainable source of energy is certainly a high priority for your business, your home, your children, and future generations. Reducing global warming has long been stressed as critical for the future of life on this planet as we know it. Finding and developing alternative sources of eco-friendly power is a focus of environmental scientists and engineers throughout the world. Technology and creativity have opened doors to more environmentally-friendly green energy sources. Green Power Alternatives There are many alternatives […] Read More »

Apr 17th 2018

Full-Service Structural Engineering

Businesses undertaking renovations, expansions, or new construction require a professional analysis of design and materials to ensure the structural integrity of the completed project. This is to ensure safety, stability of structures, and compliance with building codes at every level.Regulations vary widely depending on the location of construction, making selection of qualified consultants and experienced technicians critical for quality results that adhere to all zoning, environmental, and building codes. Hence, using full-service structural engineering solutions is not only critical, but […] Read More »

Apr 15th 2018

Solar Energy Usage – Today and for the Future

Businesses and consumers alike are more focused today on sustainability and ecological responsibility. Solar energy usage today is one of many green initiatives that require numerous efforts to improve the environment and reduce carbon footprints: Reduction in the use of paper Recycling to avoid the impact of landfills Energy conservation – more efficient appliances and automobiles Electric vehicles – hybrids or totally electric cars and trucks to reduce emissions and the use of fossil fuels Solar energy today has become […] Read More »