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Nov 25th 2019

Structural Analysis and Design: 4 Important Considerations 

Prior to breaking ground on any new construction project, important structural and design considerations must be addressed. Using the project’s architectural plans, structural engineers begin preparing a detailed structural analysis and design plan, adhering to these four important factors.

1. Design Code and Standards

Structural designs must comply with all national, state or local building standards, permit requirements and design codes. These criteria serve as guidelines when designing a proposed project. While building codes will vary depending on location, here are some relevant codes and standards to consider:

2. Load Considerations

An analysis of load consideration is a vital part of the structural design. Load considerations will depend on the type of occupancy for the structure, as well as the height of the structure. Three common loadings of a building include:

  • Dead Load (DL): Typically composed of the self-weight of the member or a structure
  • Super-imposed Dead Load (SDL): Comprises of the floor finishes and the weight of the partitions, 
  • Live Loads (LL): Constitutes movable loads that the structure may carry.

3. Framing

Determining the proper structural support, or framing, is an important part of the process to ensure the safety of the structure. Structural analysis, through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, can help to determine appropriate slab thickness, beam dimensions, orientations, design of footings and more. 

BIM is a 3D model-based tool that provides an effective means of designing and communicating, using real-time data sharing. This valuable insight helps to ensure seamless planning, designing, construction and management of the project. 

4. Schedule

The ultimate performance of a building relies on the collaborative efforts of all project participants. Once all analyses and designs have been completed, a structural markup, including the design, schedule and budget must be submitted. In this stage, complete collaboration between all stakeholders is necessary to ensure every detail is accounted for in the overall schedule. 

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Structural analysis and design are just a part of the collaborative efforts required to achieve a successful project. At KMB, our structural engineering team brings robust experience, results-oriented designs and solutions, and a time-sensitive, client-focused approach to all our projects. As a responsive engineering company, our client-focused approach helps to reduce time and money spent for all assignments, no matter how complex or expansive your project is. 

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