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Oct 24th 2019

Electrical Engineering Firms Role for Efficient Designs

Electrical engineering firms play a vital role in the energy efficiency of both new construction projects and retrofitting older buildings. To satisfy the increasing demands for sustainability in a world of growing energy costs, KMB focuses on providing energy efficient MEP solutions for clients nationwide.

How Can Electrical Engineering Firms Impact Energy Efficiency?

Electrical engineering firms play a large role in building efficiency into the overall design of a building. This includes things like efficient lighting sources, solar power techniques, safety, heating and cooling interoperability and LEED certification designs. These techniques can improve efficiency and lower operational costs in all sectors, from healthcare to hospitality, industrial to education. 

Whole-Building Design

Incorporating renewable energy resources in today’s “green” buildings has become smart business. In today’s energy conscious world, electrical engineering firms are being called on to find ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption, such as efficient lighting sources and solar energy. 

Many of today’s energy-saving buildings are built with an innovative approach to construction, known as “whole-building design.” By adopting this approach, buildings can achieve up to 70% more efficiency than conventional commercial buildings. In addition, sustainable energy systems, like solar power, can also help to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. 

Electrical Engineering Safety Solutions and Compliance

There are many moving parts in any new-build or renovation. Communication with the entire team is paramount to the safety of the project. Whether it’s determining proper voltage levels, transient loads or short circuit protection, new construction and renovated electrical systems must meet local building codes, National Electrical Code (NEC), National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), and other applicable codes and standards.

By meeting or exceeding standards for mechanical, electrical and plumbing, an organization may qualify for various financial incentives and tax credits. This can not only offset the overall costs of the project but also impact the future operating costs as well. 

KMB: Responsive Electrical Engineering Firm

To maintain energy efficiency and sustainability, organizations need to consult with experienced and reputable electrical engineering firms, like KMB Design Group. We take a systematic approach to every project by implementing today’s best practices in electrical engineering and project management, including: structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and environmental engineering disciplines. 

We employ only the best in-house engineers to collaborate closely with clients and integrate energy efficient systems into the design of new and renovated buildings. Our team of professional engineers stay on top of the ever-changing technical and strict electrical safety standards. 

With locations in New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco and Orlando, KMB is one of the highest-ranked electrical engineering firms in the United States. We provide a comprehensive design-driven approach for our clients through turnkey engineering services, such as commercial PV Engineering, structural, mechanical and plumbing engineering as well as professional project and construction management services. Our designs take into account the entire life cycle of the building from concept to completion. 

KMB is a recognized MEP engineering leader in the following markets:

  • Commercial Complexes
  • Industrial & Institutional
  • Renewable Energy
  • Residential Complexes
  • Data Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Mixed Use & Retail 
  • Grocery Stores

No matter the size or complexity, you can count on us to meet—and exceed—your expectations. Contact us with any questions about electrical engineering services that deliver results on-time and on-budget and take a look at our portfolio to find out more.