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Dec 12th 2019

Flexible Electrical Design in MEP

Incorporating carefully considered electrical design in MEP plans is vital to optimizing the performance of new and existing structures. From mixed-use office spaces to educational facilities, flexibility is trending in building design today. Commercial clients are seeking to upfit their high-rise buildings. Public organizations are looking to transform the functionality of their space. Their building’s electrical design plays an instrumental role in helping them adapt and grow. 

The MEP engineers at KMB share how smart electrical design can help clients increase building flexibility and evolve over the life of the structure.  

Flexible Electrical Designs Balance Building Function 

In mixed-use office spaces, electrical designs like power and lighting controls, must be flexible enough to adapt to different tenant needs over time, while accounting for metering between different facility spaces.  

Property owners need the accessibility to control their electrical infrastructure, (lighting, for example), either via individual spaces or groups of rooms. This kind of flexibility and control allows facility owners to maximize occupancy and better manage energy consumption levels. Forward thinking MEP electrical designs help improve operational costs and sustainability efforts during the lifespan of the building. 

Forward Thinking Electrical Design in MEP Reduces Downtime

Maintaining business up-time is critical. Aging electrical systems can create unpredictability in operations and costly “hiccups,” limiting expansion. One way to protect against unpredictable downtime is to build flexibility into the structure’s electrical design. This approach strategically includes additional capacity and versatility in the electrical design, providing extra protection if an issue arises. 

For example, MEP electrical designs should allow for equipment expansion when needed. Additionally, spare conduits, breakers and starters should be installed to utilize in the case of an emergency. 

KMB: Responsive Electrical Engineering Firm

As a responsive MEP engineering firm, KMB Design Group works as a unified team with clients to provide electrical solutions that are both flexible and sustainable. As interoperability of building systems becomes increasingly important, ingrained flexibility in electrical design maximizes benefits to the owner.

With office locations in New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco and Orlando, KMB is one of the highest-ranked electrical engineering firms in the United States. We provide a comprehensive design-driven approach for our clients through turnkey engineering services, such as commercial PV Engineering, structural, mechanical and plumbing engineering as well as professional project and construction management services. Our designs take into account the entire life cycle of the building from concept to completion. 

KMB is a recognized MEP engineering leader in the following markets:

  • Commercial Complexes
  • Industrial & Institutional
  • Renewable Energy
  • Residential Complexes
  • Data Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Mixed Use & Retail Centers
  • Grocery & Retail Stores

No matter the size or complexity of your project, you can count on us to meet—and exceed—your expectations. Contact us with any questions about electrical engineering services that deliver results on-time and on-budget results.