Small Cell & 5G Solutions

KMB Design Group provides comprehensive small cell and 5G solutions for public and private organizations nationwide.

Meeting the Demands of 5G with Innovative Small Cell Designs 

KMB Design Group is the largest 5G small cell engineering firm in the United States, providing more than 18,000 comprehensive small cell solutions across the country. Since 2003, our responsive engineering and design team has delivered innovative and customized telecommunications solutions that keep our clients connected.

5G Small Cell Networks

Technology is constantly evolving and demands for connectivity are ever-increasing. To meet these modern-day demands, public and private organizations are seeking an aesthetically pleasing and effective 5G network solution, which can only be delivered via small cells.

Small cells are operator-controlled, low-powered mobile base stations. They are based on femtocell technology. Whether installed on existing utility poles, new stealth poles or street furniture, small cell networks play an integral role in creating an ultra-dense network and cost-effective solution to meet demands for additional connectivity.

Coverage and Capacity Deployment Solutions

Utilizing the latest in technology and equipment, KMB delivers cutting-edge solutions, while ensuring quality throughout every step of a project. From initial conversations about concept and design, through budgeting and installation, our in-house team works closely with forward-thinking clients to deploy small cell solutions that meet their unique connectivity needs.

The process of small cell deployment is often complex, presenting unique challenges for every project. KMB Engineering has the broad experience and expertise to overcome obstacles and support small cell network deployment on time and on budget. Our small cell & 5G services include, but are not limited to:

  • Site Visit & Survey
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Innovative Design
  • Location & Leases
  • Project Management
  • Zoning & Permitting
  • Support & Maintenance

Contact KMB Design Group to learn more about small cell & 5G solutions available for your organization.

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