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Solar Engineering

A leading consulting firm providing photovoltaic design & engineering services.

KMB Design Group is at the forefront of the escalating solar industry, and is considered a leading consulting firm in the renewable energy field providing photovoltaic design and engineering services.  Licensed in 50 states, we have the ability to work nationally without limitations.

KMB has provided designs and engineering services for over 900 locations and 1GW for a wide range of solar installations from small scale (less than 10KW) to large scale (over 20MW) including:

  • Utility Scale Solar Installations– Large scale solar facilities, often spanning across multiple acres of land, that can also be paired with energy storage.
  • Rooftop Installations – Installations range from small peak, roof-mount systems for municipal facilities to large ballasted rooftop systems for commercial and educational facilities.
  • Canopy Installations – Canopy-mount photovoltaic structures above wastewater tanks, parking lots, and rooftops.
  • Ground Mount Install – Ground mounted photovoltaic systems for both utility scale installations and distributed generation.
  • Multi-Site Programs – Various county and private work consisting of all installation types and sizes.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • I have worked as a sub-consultant to KMB for almost five years and have enjoyed the benefits of a mutually beneficial business relationship. KMB is responsive and stays on top of their projects and staff. I look forward to many more years working with them. KMB’s attention to project issues and details make my life and work easier

    – Rick Voss

  • …KMB has managed the design of more than five hundred Communication Sites. Their work has been a major factor in our company’s continued success in the Communication industry. They have proven consistently that customer needs and company goals are not mutually exclusive…

    – Richard Habib, AE Manager, T-Mobile USA

  • At STEALTH we found working with KMB to be an excellent experience. Their no-nonsense approach to design and collaborative nature made it easy to get things done. Suffice it to say, we look forward to working with them again.

    – Sean M.

  • KMB has been an integral part of the success of our business and the deployment of small cells nationwide. Professionalism and quality of work comes at the highest level. Great company to work with, highly recommend.

  • KMB brings value to a relationship with their knowledge, work ethic, and integrity. I would highly recommend a business relationship with KMB Design Group.

    – Jack Conn

  • It is a pleasure working with a company like KMB whose expertise is only matched by their willingness to get the job done.

    – Dermot Johnson

  • Stephen Banks is an extremely detail-oriented and hard-working individual. The leadership he provides at KMB allows for them to be an excellent partner in the execution of a variety of projects, both large and small. Steve and his company are a valuable asset in any project.

    – Adam Kauffman

  • KMB Design Group’s level of detail is excellent and they understand the expectations of their customers. They are eager to provide the deliverable that is expected and will see to it that the deliverable meets schedule and technical requirements. Excellent team to work with.

    – Kevin Edwards

  • I have had the pleasure of working with KMB on more than one occasion. They have worked through a difficult engagement with steadfast resolve. Even though the scope seems to change by the minute I am unable to surprise KMB. They immediately reassess our needs and finds the right solution. KMB’s professionalism, intellect, and occasional quick wit makes the engagement seem effortless when I know that it is really very daunting. I would highly recommend KMB Design Group.

    – Rick Staples

  • KMB’s team are true professionals with excellent communication skills. They are an expert in their field. A company that can be truly trusted to meet its clients’ needs with the utmost respect for others.

    – Claire Bettany