November 29, 2017

Accelerate the Building Process by Working with an MEP Engineering Team

Every modern building today has an MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) system. Working with an experienced MEP Engineering team will not only help you design the most efficient system possible for your next commercial project, but help you get the job done quickly. If your next project focuses on new building construction or remodeling, it’s important to know what to look for in an MEP engineering company.

Why Should You Hire an MEP Engineering Team

A project’s success depends upon clear communication and synergy among everyone involved, meticulous project management and a clear schedule of the construction process timeline. Each of these factors is critical to be able to manage construction variables that may require revisions to the original plan.

That’s where an experienced MEP engineering team steps in.

MEP Engineering Collaboration

Like all commercial building construction projects, timing is everything. Before construction begins, the MEP engineering team collaborates with the architects, designers and land surveyors on your project to ensure the final plan is approved, it has an energy-efficient design, and will stay on-budget. Since an MEP engineering firm covers multiple disciplines, the chances for a delay due to miscommunications are minimized which results in a shorter construction timeline. This not only helps organizations complete a timely building construction process, but also achieve a cost-effective result.

MEP Engineering Experience

Selecting the right company who is experienced and knowledgeable in facilities and energy engineering makes a difference. A quality MEP Engineering team will be up-to-date with the necessary commercial building codes, implement environmentally sound practices into the project and be responsive and thorough in answering questions that the project manager may need to proceed for the next steps.

MEP Engineering Efficiency

With a strong focus on energy savings, many modern buildings are required to be sustainable or LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified. The goal is to reduce operational costs and environmental impacts over time. An MEP Engineering company will provide energy and resource efficient designs that are beneficial to the community, environment and the client’s bottom line.

KMB MEP Engineering Services

As you decide who to hire for your next commercial building project, your first concern may be who to trust. At KMB Design Group, we understand and we have the portfolio to put your mind at ease. We’ve worked on many commercial building construction projects over the years and MEP engineering services are part of what we do best. Our engineers are certified, licensed and always on top of the latest developments in the industry through active participation in professional engineering organizations.

During a commercial building construction project, we work closely with you to provide mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing engineering, fire protection engineering, structural engineering, energy consulting, LEED consulting and more. As a recognized leader in commercial PV Engineering, KMB is also positioned to support our clients throughout the process of solar installation.

As a full-service engineering solutions provider licensed in the United States and Europe, we take a systematic approach to develop comprehensive engineering solutions and understand the specific MEP engineering disciplines incorporated into commercial building designs to ensure the most economically sound and timely solutions are presented.

Contact us to learn more about MEP engineering solutions that deliver results on-time and on-budget.

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