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May 31st 2017

Making the Connection: Benefits of Small Cell Deployments

small cell deploymentsSome studies say mobile data traffic has grown 18-fold over the past 5 years. Driven much by the increase in use of ultra-high resolution video streaming, additional cloud-based applications for work and entertainment as well as the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, this trend upward shows no signs of slowing. In response to the demands of capacity and data rates, many are looking to improve existing backhaul as we evolve towards 5G. Small cell deployments have therefore become a dominant network access method businesses turn to for improved mobile coverage and capacity.

The Need for (Extra) Speed

The need for more coverage and capacity are just two of the driving factors that point toward the evolution of 5G fiber demands and connection speeds. And those who are not properly prepared to address these increasing demands risk falling behind in a hypercompetitive environment.

Even through the evolution in wireless access speeds, many still face challenges due to a number of factors including, large line-of-sight obstructions, far distances from mobile devices to macro cell towers, increased indoor usage, interference with transmission signals and limitations of mobile device performance. One way to achieve faster speeds and improved performance is to bring the end user (and their mobile device) closer to the mobile network radios through small cell deployments.

Small Cell Deployments and Their Benefits

Typically assumed to encompass some (or all) of the following, small cell deployments are often classified as femtocells (ex: used small businesses), picocells (ex: used in train stations, shopping malls), microcells (ex: used outdoors, large events), or WiFi cells. It is basically an overarching term for low-powered radio access nodes providing service to indoor and outdoor areas.

Small cell is a key deployment tool for 5G but it cannot meet customer demands without the right backhaul solution and that solution needs to be FAST. Strategically placing radios closer to users, small cells are an effective solution for improving coverage and capacity and result in a lower comparative cost than any other option.

Meeting Demands with Small Cell Deployments

The insatiable thirst for reliable and rapid connections will only continue to drive increased network demands. Therefore, as a fast and seamless way to install in a wide variety of environments and applications, small cell deployments become the optimal choice for enterprises and businesses looking for improved coverage and capacity.

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