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Feb 2nd 2017

Opportunities in Small Cell: Discover Femtocells for Medium-Sized Businesses

FemtocellsDemands for high-quality, uninterrupted mobile communications are skyrocketing. This includes high-bandwidth mobile applications for accessing content, such as streaming video, on-the-go. To meet the dramatic increase in mobile broadband demands, businesses are turning to femtocells to strengthen networks and increase coverage.

Femtocells Moving Outside the Home

The three types of small cells include femtocells, picocells and microcells. A femtocell is a small, low-power cellular base station that connects to the service provider’s network via broadband (DSL or cable) to extend service coverage. In addition to being the smallest type of small cell, femtocells also use the least amount of power. This means they don’t impact any attempts to expand network connectivity.

Traditionally targeted to the residential market, femtocells are moving outside the home and into the commercial market. Although they have the shortest range of small cell types, these router-like devices are an effective way to expand coverage and boost signal strength for small to medium-sized businesses.

It’s a cost-effective method of providing limited coverage and services to a small number of users. Femtocells can also help with reception problems related to cell tower congestion. Whether for a restaurant, coffee shop, library, office or small business retail shop, such devices can improve in-building wireless services for employees and customers. But they’re not for everyone.

Are Femtocells Right for You?

Just as they’re used for applications in a home, femtocells for small to medium-sized businesses are capable of hooking into an existing broadband network. They then provide cellular service and can expand your network coverage.

For companies who require a reliable cellular signal in order to handle data-driven business, but are unable to utilize Wi-Fi calling, a femtocell network may be the right solution. Even when there is no existing signal, it can provide 5 bar connectivity strength. It’s a good option for businesses with small spaces. However, femtocells are generally limited to a range of less than 10 meters.

Femtocell implementation is cost-effective due to its low-powered nature; it makes sense for small businesses operating on limited budgets. But, since the network range and capacity are relatively limited, it can only support about a dozen connections simultaneously.

Depending on how large your space is, how many individuals you need to accommodate and your unique set up, femtocells may be a good solution.

KMB Offers the Right Wireless Strategy Solutions

Femtocells are enabling indoor deployment of small cells for small enterprise environments to improve performance and provide users with a better, faster mobile connectivity. If you’re unsure if this is the right wireless strategy solution for your business needs, contact KMB for more information.

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