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Solar Engineering — Investigation, Analysis & Design

KMB Design Group provides comprehensive structural engineering solutions for commercial and industrial applications nationwide.

Structural Engineering for Photovoltaic Applications

Structural engineering plays a key role in the design and construction process for rooftop and groundmount solar arrays, directly impacting the safety, efficiency and constructability. Structural engineers analyze existing building structures, as well as design mounting structures for new equipment to help ensure photovoltaic system designs result in safe and functional systems.

KMB Design Group is a leading Solar Engineering consulting firm, offering structural engineering services for many of our solar clients. Our responsive engineering team works collaboratively to deliver the most innovative solutions, ensuring every project has a feasible design and is structurally sound for its intended use.

Experts in Structural Engineering Services:

KMB offers a team of knowledgeable and experienced structural engineers. Our diverse experience allows us to offer a wide range of services including:

  • Existing building structural analysis
  • Attachment design for flush mounted systems, including both standing seam and shingled roofs
  • Equipment pad design
  • Electrical equipment mounting structure design
  • Elevated equipment platform structures

Collaborative Structural Engineering 

Collaboration between solar developers, installers, and engineers throughout the entire process is key to optimizing value and preventing future complications. At KMB, we work closely with each client to thoroughly understand their unique needs and expectations.

We add value by strategizing and collaborating with all parties involved, throughout the project’s life-cycle. KMB ensures that each project aligns with the goals of the PV system, delivers safe, sustainable and cost-effective solutions and maximizes property value.

Contact KMB Design Group to learn more about the innovative structural engineering solutions available to help you streamline the construction process, minimize costs and reduce risk.

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