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Tower Analysis

KMB Design Group performs full tower analysis services, including tower analysis and foundation reinforcement, modification and designs. As an approved vendor with all major tower owners and wireless carriers throughout the USA, our team of experts have the skills required to ensure tower designs meet your deployment goals, no matter how complex the project.

KMB Tower Analysis Process

KMB is a full-service engineering firm. Our in-depth knowledge of tower analysis, design, construction and foundation reinforcement enables us to provide comprehensive and efficient structural assessments to determine any required tower/foundation reinforcement modifications.

KMB has Invested heavily in technology and infrastructure, using custom database applications to streamline operations and enhance the delivery of tower analysis services. By capturing the behavior and response of a telecommunication tower, we can determine whether an existing tower is overstressed or able to safely accommodate additional telecommunications equipment.

Equipped with industry-leading technologies and state-of-the-art software programs, KMB provides detailed analysis and recommendations thorough comprehensive tower analysis reports.

Questions About Tower Analysis?

When you need a comprehensive engineering solution, KMB Design Group provides full turnkey tower analysis services, guiding projects from conception through construction. With a strong focus on collaboration and communication throughout the entire process, our clients receive end-to-end design services that reduce costs, shorten construction timelines and adhere to industry codes and standards.

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